Alchemical Exchange between old world (Albert) and new (Lisa) between 1:39 AM EST and 9:55 AM EST, 05 January, 2010:


Alexander Kluger of Universität Würzburg will present, “What is “Influence”? German Literature and American Transcendentalism.” 

For more information, please visit http://www.masshist.org/events/more_info.cfm?eventID=606


Thanks Lisa. A great theme! Literature, arts and philosophy, poetry and music too in Germany have lots to do with transcendentalism. Which I appreciate so highly.

It would be very rewarding to check out American literature from today- for example Jonathan Franzen- vice versa for roots in German literature.

Literature, arts are in no ways luxus. They are vital powerful and driving forces of consciousness. Let’s hope that Arianna Huffington will learn German (despite her decision to drop it).  Otherwise it will never become clear in English language what ZEITGEIST really means and CAN mean.


This has to be tongue in cheek, Albert, of German didacticism! Arianna Huffington is embodying the Zeitgeist, whether she knows German or not!


That’s right. Arianna Huffington is one of the most influencive media pioneers I know. She does it the American way.  The newly emerging impulses, patterns and waves in German culture manifest ZEITGEIST in another ways. So every given culture shows its own forms of evolution and cultural growth.


Wow, did I think of you when I stood in reverence in the Keifer exhibition. Like a religious experience! And then, my friend leads me right to the glass where the words of my art theory Hieros Gamos, are written in his hand. Yes, aside from Kiefer tell me more about how the German culture is manifesting the ZIETGEIST. Oh, well, Keifer is enough…


Challlenging!  As German culture only gradually awakens to its rich streams of subjectivity again, of scientific thinking and positive forms of new e feeling.  Deep in the collective unconscious is the fear of great visions anchored. I wrote a letter to the editors of EnlightenNext 7 or 8 years ago about this.  Kiefer is a great example.  In politics, media, culture – however — it will take a big intergenerational effort. Crossing many areas, bridging gaps.  For example, the digital developments with all their potentials have not really arrived in mainstream consciousness. Arianna H. had a big discussion about this at a media conference in Monaco some times ago. With Matthias Höpfner from Springer.

The energetic disposition in Germany is great. Jung was right with his Wotan Essay in 1936. Apollo AND Dionysus are driving forces in German consciousness. Often still at war with each other. No leading German thinker- neither habermas nor Sloterdijk is right now creating influence on global scales.

Foreign policy top 100 global thinkers: in 2010 only 2 Germans within this group. One of them Renate Kühnast, DIE GRÜNEN.

Your series at Huffpo is very fascinating for me, Lisa. I feel the power of your perception.  It’s in me too. To manifest this magma in cultural work and large scale systems change is a thrilling challenge for next decade.

It’s beyond systemic thinking and single conceptual approach.  It’s the fuel for dreaming very mighty dreams.


Oh, this is great. The (r)evolution is on. You are the German thinker who will make the difference. Right here and now. Gebser’s “ever-present origin”

Here’s how:

The war between the opposites is precisely the point! Addressing and reconciling the Shadow is key to the paradigm leap, as Adi Da well knew. I just finished writing a post about the A/D dynamic in Black Swan, the director is from a conservative Jewish background and schooled in the Kabbalah.

I am writing a post on Keifer and the Hieros Gamos and would love to incorporate our dialogue, with your permission, of course!

So, you see, we ARE activating a Zeitgeist a la Ariana Huffington, after you so brilliantly revealed the German shadow of having to understand, to define, everything.

The mere fact of posting our dialogue will Integrate New Media with classical thought, to deliver something utterly new!

Here’s a synchronicity for you from yesterday’s NYT:

From Albert:

Albert wrote: “Brilliant, Lisa! Just some days ago I stumbled upon the Dreyfus/Kelly book. REviewed by David Brooks in NYT. Please feel free, Lisa to incorporate everything which makes sense to you. This is fiery trrain. However I like playing with dangerous fire:) From the heart of every dark new light is born. Isnt the root of the word al-chemy black earth? And any new cosmology must be born within. No matter what it takes. No matter how fragile any new communication and expression is in statu nascendi. It seems to be a certain dramaturgy which is necessary. Any screenwriter will understand. And it may be overwhelming at times. So intensive that words cannot grasp it. Black Swann- and the work of Aronovsky in general- is indicating this. It takes the courage to completely loose face. As Adi Da stressed. Looking eye to eye into the fire. Taking thus a quantum leap from what Orpheus was used to do. I sent you a smiley! Want to see it? http://www.facebook.com/l/20bc4;sb.kazulah.com/?

From Lisa:

YES. YES. YES! Right on about Aronofsky. I took the leap with my first novel CHAMPAGNE TANGO, eons ago, and never turned back, though I admit jumping onto the Internet was frightening as hell, the instantaneous publishing of it all… CONGRATULATIONS Albert! You said the magic words. I just established the domain name hierosgamos.net, drew up the chart (Black Earth indeed — less than 48 hours after the conjunctio, the Solar Eclipse, in Capricorn) and with the Moon opposite that of the next Full Moon, 29 degrees Capricorn. I just placed our dialogue under the astrology chart. Black Earth indeed. I didn’t know that as a definition for alchemy, but makes perfect sense with the prima materia as the essence. Everything will happen very quickly now. Will incorporate more later but I’m going to digest this all at the gym. So, later! I thank you very much, my friend! Wise move. No scorched earth here. I’m well practiced in alchemy and time is of the essence now that we have our thread of thought, with its manifestation in Cyberspace!


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  1. Like to add the deep potentials of human play. Which- in its adult complexity- seems to be so relevant in evolution. Gwen Gordon explores some elements- besides her other writings- of the adventurous flow of play.


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