This understanding of Binah as the female-womb seems to be the essence of Binah, which translates as understanding.  I have been working for over 20 years to bring this consciousness into my own body and seemed to have hit a breakthrough with the launch of this blog.

I dreamt of having a rather filmy, transparent dress and in a showroom seeking a bottom layer.  It was an auto showroom and I found it in a compact car with robust curves like those of the 1950s.  I lingered at my favorite cafe on the edge of the woods yesterday, and there was a little old lady with a carpet bag purse and her maid leaving the cleaners and getting in the car from my dream.  It was a maroon Cruiser, the same color as the dream!

Later, Sophia entered my dream and whispered that she will be guiding this blog.

The image gives a new perspective on the duality I have been writing about in the newly emerging “face of the feminine.”

Not quite the alchemical image of the androgyne or hermaphrodite which combine the gender opposites.  This is integrating the gender opposites in a completely new way of (r)evolutionary layering, reflecting the galactic center and its revolving body, our sun and its revolving planets, and their revolving satellites.  The surface (aura)  fluid and transparent, and the body combining the strength of Binah with the curves of the female body.   Yes, hard like steel as coating, but soft and feminine on the surface. There we find the dual qualities of stability and movement, flow and shape, hard and soft, particle and wave…

Now, I find this site  on Binah when researching my writing on The Black Swan.

Ok, now I’m opening your link, Albert, posted on FB at 9:06 AM:

Gwen Gordon elaborating some meanings of play and evolutionary flows. Sanskrit words like kridaratnam and Indo European words like plegan in their deep meanings and potentials …


My FB response:

Hey, plegan derived from pagan, meaning play is related to pagan. This would imply that the hierarchical authority of the Church was forbidding play, in the sense of interacting with transpersonal forces and venturing beyond the abyss guarded by the ego authority (the rules of convention)! Only the priesthood were permitted to be the charism for the transpersonal energies. appropriating play (Chiron’s realm as the body orbiting between Saturn and the unseen electrical force of Uranus…


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