One Eleven Eleven: “Time to Awaken”

Gearing up to 2012

ELEVEN-ELEVEN has been haunting me since a 1992 visit to Mount Shasta where I met an Englishman so light, so transparent, I was convinced he was an Anunnaki. I gave him a ride to Shasta from a hostel up in Oregon and it was one of the most magical experiences I ever had.  Mt. Shasta in those days, and probably more so now, attracted some pretty far out people convinced the Mothership was on the way.   They would go up to Black Butte at night and hold rituals, awaiting the Mother Ship.  But this man, I call him Loge in my novel The Sacred Chamber, had a fixation on eleven-eleven.  Beyond the numerology of two power numbers together adding up to the Master Number 22, I couldn’t get an understanding of what it mean — until I was doing Internet research with Harlan Emil Gruber, famous for his Burning Man Portals, and we discovered that the Winter Solstice of 2012 would take place at 11:11 GMT.

I’m on the 9th day of a fast, and I feel right now (2:50 PM EST) an incredible energy around me.  I have no desire to eat again.  What is happening?


ALBERT at 2:05 PM

This struggle [between the infinite and the finite] is a conflict defined not by
the indifference of the two sides in their distinction, but by their being
bound together in one unity. I am not one of the fighters locked in battle, but
both, and I am the struggle itself. I am fire and water…(Bhaskar, 1993).

(Quoted in Otto Laskes piece about Hegel in Integral Leadership Review 2009)


Fire and water — the essential elements for alchemy, along with earth and air! Love this quote. Sounds like the paradox of marriage itself…

Never before made the connection between Zeitgeist and the Kundalini — but of course! Never lukewarm. Rises with a force, what is known as passion, somewhat foreign to Germans, no wonder they had to have an exalted name for it.


I see signs in some literature too. In film, music. And the multiple crossovers of personal, private spheres and public spheres. Like magmatic eruptions which need to come to the surfaces and cross all conventional boundaries…

Some poetry slam
Written by Tim Merry.  From the book “Evolutionary Leadership” by Peter Merry
Great rhythm, cadences and evocational power:

Time to Awaken
Hello, this is ‘Time to Awaken’
The new James Bond:
I want you stirred and shaken.
Can you feel the quickenin’?
Can you feel the flickerin’?
Deep down in the belly
Turn off the telly
Sorry if you was havin’ a nap
Listen up to what I rap
It’s worth the hear
Break it down to what’s becoming clear …

Here we go:
We all be learners and teachers
We don’t need no preachers
To find the whole
Of course!
It is like riding a horse
remaining in the saddle
even when up shit creek without a paddle.
Be yourself
Everyone else is taken
No point fakin
The only person you’re foolin’ is yourself
You already got all the wealth
Don’t need to search no more
Knocking door to door
Cause its all in the place you was born in
No more stallin’

Listen loudly to the callin’
Why you here?
It ain’t nothing to do with fear
That much is clear.
I must confess
my greatest fear was success
Daring to shine bright
Get into the line of sight
Stepping into the spotlight.
I trained for years
To be on stage and hide my fears
In the character of another
Always under cover
Never truly the deeper me
Time to see

Be free
Fear no more
I am sure
I have felt the
Soul Force
Through my veins
I know what it means to be sane
Living in partnership with my brain
My body and blood
And the un-nameable flood

Of realisation
Be Self
Everyone else is taken
It is time to awaken.
Are you stirred and shakin’?
Are you quakin’?
If not why not?
Take a look around
The world is calling to become profound
The messages loud and clear
Drop the fear

The time is now
The place is here.
It always the occasion
Don’t get lost in the alien invasion
Take action
to let go of distraction
Feel the heart
In the breath of the now
Kaboom kapow
Like a hit on head
Sit up in bed
The nightmare is over
You just found the four leaf clover
Ego move over
I am getting on my horse
The whole Soul
force of course!

No more fakin’
be Self
everyone else is taken
It’s time to
(by Tim Merry)


Great. This totally tells it like it is. Reveals the clarity and immediacy of its form — rap. Moving the energy through the body..


Breathing it, feeling it, living it, sensing it


“No more fakin’. Be Self.” with a capitol “S” the emerging archetype of holism Jung referred to as the Self.


One Response to “One Eleven Eleven: “Time to Awaken””

  1. Self and Culture, yes. Inner fires finding their ways into the outer wolds, spheres and convergence meeting emergence, the alchemy of the person spreading into the communties, into P2P evolution, intimate encounters and global merdeans of communication.

    Liberating the deep emotional matrices as much as bridging and connecting what never before was brought together.

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