A 21st century art theory was launched at this moment…



(fore)PLAY from Albert Klamt:

JAN 15:
I feel cyberspace and 3D space are converging. Toward something early German internet entrpreneur Paulus NEEF once called vireality.
THE ZeitgeisT IS OF COURSE present in fiery debates and polarization too.  However there are radical impulses on the way in literature, poltics, culture and realms of self discovery. Even in playful explorations – made public f.e. in Integral leadership Review- about the evolutionaRY ROLE OF PLAY: bETWEEN LOVE AND WORK:
I collaborated 2009 with Patricia von Papstein- a German game designer- about this theme for leadership. Including the dance of female and male polarity.
Giving play a full, potent and fiery meaning in adult devlopment too.
I think a post-post modern cosmology is needed to for what Julius Evola called the metaphysics of Sexus.  See his book:
Co-creating with YOU!
JAN 12
Well, we collaborated playfully over months. Exploring the spheres of communication since Hanah Arendt. The private ones, the public ones. We opened ourselves emotionally too. We met, wrote emails. We faced everything, avoided nothing. We wnated to loose face in front of each other. (REminds me of Adi Das approach btw)
We asked for the sources of passion and compassion. The connection to our yearnings. The deep implications of friendship too. Between men and women. And is friendship possible with full implication of eros and sexuality? We knew about the taboo situation of many questions.
We simply wanted to break the spell of spiritual, poltical and sexual correctness.
Feel free to ask anyhing, Lisa, what has meaning or you.i like the trusted and trusting, appreciative atmosphere of  a space of private communication.
Its freedom, openness and playfulness.
Hieros Gamos Solar Return 2011: (R)evolution unites Heaven (Internet) and Earth (live physical expression)
The business (fourth house) of the hierosgamos (Moon conj. Ascen) entering the zeitgeist (Mars/Sun in Aquarius trining the Moon in Libra on the Ascendent ).  Play in invoked via the Aquarian Neptune/Chiron conjunction in the fifth house making a wide trine to Saturn in Libra in the first house.
On Jan 24, 2011, at 4:47 AM, AlbertKlamt wrote:

Dear Lisa,
God speed:):) and belated B- Day wishes!
Co-creating with you,
January 24, 4:59 AM
Not belated. 

Today is my birthday, in two hours to be exact!
Co-creating indeed!
Thanx Albert, for showing me, an Aquarian (!) how much I love and am committed to New Media, despite putting
nearly 100 percent of my energy and not making a cent!
5:02 AM
Albert Klamt’s birthday mantra:

my sun sign is scorpio. While my ascendent is aquarius too.
My work is partially a potlach too. (I am ready however for any creative deal, joint venture or cooperation, win win agreement to monetize in near future more value. Measured in dollars or Euro.
Professional reslience and abundance in wealth and health is a big theme for me:)
January 24, 6:47 AM
May your next 365 days and nights fullfilled with what Nietzsche wrote about inspiration and revelation!
Friedrich Nietzsche writes this about his experience of inspiration in Ecce Homo: 

Has anyone at the end of the nineteenth century a clear idea of what poets of strong ages have called inspiration? If not, I will describe it. – If one had the slightest residue of superstition left in one’s system, one could hardly reject altogether the idea that one is merely incarnation, merely mouthpiece, merely a medium of overpowering forces. The concept of revelation – in the sense that suddenly, with indescribable certainty and subtlety, something becomes visible, audible, something that shakes one to the last depths and throws one down – that merely describes the facts. One hears, one does not seek; one accepts, one does not ask who gives; like lightning, a thought flashes up, with necessity, without hesitation regarding its form – I never had a choice.

A rapture whose tremendous tension occasionally discharges itself in a flood of tears – now the pace quickens involuntarily, now it becomes slow; one is altogether beside oneself, with the distinct consciousness of subtle shudders and of one’s skin creeping down to one’s toes; depth of happiness in which even what is most painful and gloomy does not seem something opposite but rather conditioned, provoked, a necessary color in such a superabundance of light; an instinct for rhythmic relationships that arches over wide spaces of forms – length, the need for a rhythm with wide arches, is almost the measure of the force of inspiration, a kind of compensation for its pressure and tension.

Everything happens involuntarily in the highest degree but a in a gale of feeling of freedom, of absoluteness, of power, of divinity. – The involuntariness of image and metaphor is strangest of all; one no longer has any notion of what is an image or a metaphor; everything offers itself as the nearest, most obvious, simplest expression. It actually seems, to allude to something Zarathustra says, as if the things themselves approached and offered themselves as metaphors (“Here all things come caressingly to your discourse and flatter you; for they want to ride on your back. On every metaphor you ride to every truth – Here the words and wordshrines of all being open up before you; here all being wishes to become word, all becoming wishes to learn from you how to speak”).

This is my experience of inspiration; I do not doubt that one has to go back thousands of years in order to find anyone who could say to me, “it is mine as well.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo (“Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” section 3)

Thanx Albert!  I was torn between wanting to head to the beach, in the freezing cold, to celebrate the sunrise on my Solar Return (7:05 EST) or staying here and posting.  Now, I know I made the right decision.  The Germans came through.  Nietzsche is perfect!


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