"Breaking the Surface" The conclusion to "EROS(ion) Flow at the Gershwin Hotel. Curator Lisa Paul Streitfeld (r) with Dianne Bowen and Jeffrey Wright Photo by Joel Simpson

The resounding conclusion to the alchemical revue “EROS(ion) Flow at the Gershwin Hotel” spiraled upwards and backwards to the Winter Solstice, a posting I did on a sign encountered in the woods: ‘If you didn’t dig, should you ride?” Which my editor and friend Rolf Maurer interpreted from the perspective of the collapsing wave.

Next, there was Dianne Bowen’s breakthrough, “(R)evolution” in her temporary studio beside the World Trade Center, and her creating a poem for the image that I wanted to use as a centerfold for the program.

Dianne Bowen;s centerfold for "EROS(ion) Flow at the Gershwin" program

On the way to the event, I braided a long silver and gold cord for the programs.  At precisely 7:15 PM…

…the performance began with Dianne cutting the chord with her ancestral scissors.

Dianne Bowen initiating the performance by "Cutting the Cord"

In the lobby of the Gershwin Hotel, Dianne Bowen began what would become a double layered painting/drawing that served as both portal and archive of the hieros gamos experience of heaven & earth.

Dianne Bowen has powerful spirits guiding her. They showed themselves in the Gershwin lobby on February 1.

Dianne Bowen "Drawing Down the Zeitgeist"

Behind the red curtain, the program unfolded with the real time collaboration with the VJ Alchemy of John Knowles/Panman.

I dedicated the evening to the sixties multimedia (R)evolution pioneer Aldo Tambellini and Vera Rubin, the American astronomer who discovered dark energy.

I read from my book, Kundalini’s Daughter:

It is dawn.  Quetzalcoatl is standing before me, majestic and proud, in full regalia.  He wears his conical Jaguar hat, plumed headdress and his body is painted black.  Red macaw feathers line his back and white sandals tied with red tassels that adorn his feet and thighs. His huge erection sends his loincloth to full mast.

The god bends over picks me up and walks me down the pyramid to the steps of his temple. As he holds my naked body, he places his healing hand over the base of my spine.  Wind fills me with spirit while the Plumed Serpent grounds me to the earth.  At last, I feel united in my quest.  The Bride has become whole without a partner.

Wind calls.  “Psyche, Psyche…where is Eros?”

A Tambellini poem included in the program began the Calcinatio:

write the poem

when the mind is a huge sore

attacked by a billion flies

write the poem

when pain explodes

a shooting star in the sky

write the poem

when earth’s daily rotation

revolves in revolution

burn the poem

set on fire a constellation

Rocker James Maddock singing "When the Stars Align" with John Knowles/Panman VJ Alchemy as backdrop


Leesa Sklover/SK. Lover submerged in the Solutio

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright performing his poem

For the Sublimatio, Edwin Torres manifested his poem entitled “Water, thereby delivering via his genius a poetic language the 21st century icon of the hieros gamos that Wolfgang Pauli and C.G. Jung predicted emerging from under the collapsing quantum wave.

Edwin Torres

Then, something utterly magical happened.

Louisa Bradshaw transformed into the Kundalini Goddess with her partner, piano player/composer Gregory Nissen Photo by Joel Simpson

Louisa transformed by the Kundalini Goddess

Dianne Bowen capturing Lisa Paul Streitfeld's footprint at the portal to "EROS(ion) Flow at the Gershwin Hotel" in an hieros gamos action integrating heaven & earth. Photo by Nikki JohnsonEdwin Torres "breaking the surface" while Jeffrey Wright "Draws the Line. Photo by Nikki Johnson


The Quaternity: Edwin Torres "breaking the surface" while Jeffrey Wright "Draws the Line" while Dianne Bowen and SK. Lover hold the space...

“Drawing Down the Zeitgeist” and “Breaking the Surface” will be exhibited, along with videos and other artifacts, at “Return of the Goddess,” a multi-media exhibition next fall at HP Garcia Gallery.

Performing artist Louisa Bradshaw



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