The Full Moon in Leo delivered Revolution prompted by the Social Network.   Neptune leaving Aquarius with an explosion under this lunation.  That is because Mars was conjunct the Sun and Neptune in Aquarius in its final degrees.  A generally peaceful revolution revealing the role of a consciousness network delivering the hopes for peace in the Age of Aquarius.

I went up to Whethersfield Connecticut to hear Gloria Star give a talk on eclipses.  We examined the eclipse charts for last year, this year and 2012.  Illuminating, to say the least!

On Sunday, I experienced Brent Green’s new project “Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then” at Silvermine Arts Center, the site of my first art review!

Writing the review for the Huffington Post on Sunday night was a huge thrill…as this amazing work of art truly captures “the canary in the coal mine” of our current impasse.  In examining the American Dream, he has actually revived it!

Here’s his take on the quantum wave collapsing, the ingress of Neptune into Pisces to meet Chiron, the healer!

The quantum wave collapsing in Brent Green's "Gravity was Everywhere Back Then"



The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine


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