For embodiment, I have attended sweat lodges, hugged trees, made art, written towers of words…but no ritual I have ever done matched the power of Serpentessa’s boa constrictors crossing my belly!

Serpentessa bringing her “Dance of Serpent Priestess” to a close

During the waxing to an extraordinary full moon this weekend on the eve of the vernal equinox, I attended the Association for the Study of Women in Mythology (ASWM) East Coast symposium “The Embodied Goddess” to deliver a presentation, “The Embodied Goddess in 21st Century Art.”

Opening remarks and Welcome by ASWM president Sid Reger, a mandala artist and independent scholar in a room ritualized with Lydia Ruyle's banners of goddesses from around the globe.

It was an extraordinary event!  Who else but the Goddess, so visible through Lydia Ruyle’s Goddess Icon Spirit Banners, could bring together women from all different disciplines united by a common passion: getting the word out that the Goddess has been revived for the 21st century!   In attendence were theologians, scholars, social workers, therapists, artists, poets…even bloggers!

On Saturday night, the face of the feminine descended via two amazing performers — the drummer and scholar Layne Redmond who received the first ASWM Brigit Award for Excellence in the Arts.  And Serpentessa with her two boa constrictors!

Miranda Shaw, Ph.D showing one of her many images of the Buddhist tantric goddesses

The keynote speaker, Miranda Shaw, author of Passionate Enlightenment, enthralled us with her splendid images of a Goddess ritual in rural Nepal…

The plate filled with edible offerings to the Goddess

which embodied the Goddess in the form of the sacred marriage  of heaven and earth…

Professor Miranda Shaw with her stunning final image

Academia meets grassroots Goddess movement: keynote speaker Miranda Shaw with her mother, Merry Norris, before a projection of Merry's Goddess art

Merry Norris' breakthrough figures serving as the foundation of her "grassroots movement" presented in her "My Gift From the Goddess: EmBODYment"

One of Merry's students who created a "Fertility Goddess" as a magical act to get pregnant -- and did!

Art as transformation artifact: another of Merry Norris' students breaking free through solar plexus empowerment.

Shaman Lydia Ruyle whose "Goddesses" have taken her around the world

From symbol to embodiment to ritual of embodiment: the process of making heaven come down to Earth

Lydia Ruyle and her Dark Goddesses

An empowered embodied artist who has created her own hive: Layne Redmond accepting the first ASWM Brigit Award for Excellence in the Arts

Snake spiraling up a beehive, a symbol for an Embodied Woman capable of transformation of Self and the environment

Symbol for the Bee Priestess

An image from Layne Redmond, author of 'When the Drummers Were Women" via Skyp

The Hive...

Tova Beck-Friedman's stunning short film incorporated the real and surreal...

She Who: a capella chorus

Serpentessa doing her snake dance before Miranda Gray

Dancing to the Serpent

Heather Artemis reading a poem about the Goddess

The closing Plenary Session was a sharing of ideas and resources…

Sabine Jell-Bahlsen author of "The Water Goddess in Igbo Cosmology" showed a film excerpt of a shaman from the Ogbuide of Oguta Lake

Leesa Sklover, composer, healer and kundalini yoga teacher articulating how she weaves her many talents and skills into the unified face of the embodied Goddess!

Ma’ayana Gail Tishman

The very image of an Embodied Woman: Serpentessa with her staff


3 Responses to ““THE EMBODIED GODDESS””

  1. It is the rare person who can both participate in the transformative energies of an event and document that event with an engaging yet even tone. Lisa Paul Streitfeld shares her personal experiences which translate to the collective community as an opportunity that they too can avail themselves of…much like how our ancestors shared around the evening fire. We hear, we wonder, we learn and we partake. Thank you Lisa from your friendly neighborhood snake priestess!

    • Lisa Paul Streitfeld Says:

      Beautifully said! Thank you Serpentessa for this comment — and your powerful, transformative work of initiating the modern woman to the ancient priestess power!!

  2. […] some beautiful photos of the event and posted them to her thought provoking blog.  Check it out: (R)Evolution!  Catalyzing the Zeitgeist. And, see a clip of an interview with Lisa talking about the necessity for the emergence of […]

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