Super Full Moon & Vernal Equinox 2011

This Super Full Moon, or perigee moon, on Saturday had the passionate sign of Leo rising ruling the Full Moon opposition from the 3rd to 9th houses in New York City.  Squaring the Nodes in the signs of media and publishing, the lunation brings forth a  new philosophy  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries in the 9th house of publishing ruling the Sagittarius north node in the 5th house) through the media (Moon in 3rd house).

Just over 28 hours later, the Vernal Equinox chart reveals the new philosophy rising with the Moon after the Sun set!  The hieros gamos!  The first house  Saturn conjunct the Moon in Libra opposing the seventh house Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Aries..

However close it is to emerging, the chart reveals that still more work (sixth house) has to be done in articulating a language for the ineffable of the Venus, approaching a conjunction to Neptune in the final degree of  Aquarius.  This awakening is being nurtured by Ceres, also at 29 degrees, and transmuted  by Chiron across the rainbow bridge from Uranus to Saturn.

Clearly, there is a threat of paralysis with the T-square that spawned many a T-Party coming back into play through this chart.  Subconscious fears triggering old patterns in which the shadow is projected rather than inwardly embraced.

Human prototypes of a 21st century archetype now surfacing into the collective will model a global phenomenon: the alchemical conjunctio! In this new model, gender boundaries and patriarchal hierarchies are imploded into a divine oneness of creation, leaving behind old assumptions of time and space.

Magically, JUST after I posted this, a publisher returned my e-mail with my pitch about the sacred marriage — from 30,000 feet above the ground I have so patiently toiled!


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