The Aries New Moon in New York City crosses the nodal axis, making MEDIA the theme for the month long lunation.

Venus and Chiron straddle the Midheaven, creating the crucible for the new feminine archetype as a healing energy to the planet.  Neptune bids a farewell to Aquarius tomorrow, delivering an early glimpse of this new archetype, but only until its August retrograde motion, when it returns to the final degrees of Aquarius for the remainder of the year.

The flowing trine between the Gemini Rising in this chart and Neptune in the 9th house of Publishing is also sextile the North Node in Sag on the descendent.  Sag and the 9th house are about knowledge, the higher mind.  The New Moon is elevated in an Aries stellium with Mercury, Jupiter and the Mars conjunction with Uranus, coming right after its ingress into Aries:

The Mars ingress into Aries has a rising reversed from that of the New Moon, which puts Saturn on the Midheaven steering the Sun/Jupiter in Aries in the 5th house of creativity & fame.  The Moon at 27 Pisces in the 3rd house of Media in semi-sextile with its ruler Neptune at 29 Aquarius conjunct Chiron in the 2nd house indicates a value on the spiritual, the archetypal, precisely because it is coming in so strong, Neptune meeting Chiron, the wounded healer, as it enters Pisces, the sign it rules, tomorrow.

This line-up in the Aries sign of SPRING points to the NEW.  I can feel it in the energy of the tulips I planted last December pointing their Aries glyph toward the sky.

The form (6th house ruled by Pluto) that the archetypal energy of the Pisces Midheaven will be delivered through the media will quickly become known, as the very public 7th house Pluto in Capricorn squares the midpoint of  Uranus/Mars and the New Moon. A TENSION-filled delivery yes, but mitigated by the happy sextile between Pluto and Venus/Chiron.

Yesterday, a dark moon ritual — purchasing big glossy reference books: the Universe, the World Atlas and the Anatomy of the Body.  These three worlds interconnecting under the melancholy of a neighborhoods Borders closing!  The cashier with a rueful grin making comments about the store closings under the bankruptcy — the loss of jobs for the workers so the executives can exit with their golden parachutes.

Borders, which caused the demise of so many bookstores in my community, is now shutting down, leaving a landscape bare of literature.  Yet, the Aries New Moon chart indicates knowledge being delivered in new ways that embody the archetype I have been bringing to consciousness all these years: the hieros gamos, sacred marriage of heaven and earth.


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