Elizabeth Taylor’s Grand Exit with Neptune in Aquarius

March 31, 2011

Time feels suspended today, with the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Neptune in the final minutes of Aquarius giving way this evening to the Moon in Pisces.

Time feels suspended…I’m already feeling the two-day Void of Course Pisces Moon in my 12th house!

I’ve been spending the week writing predictions on John Galiano’s replacement at Dior.

John Galliano bowing at Dior

The struggle for myself and my writing partner was nailing down the ingress of Neptune into Pisces on Monday.

Neptune is hard enough to describe.  But Neptune in Pisces!?

Appropriately, the message came through in a dream.  A blue canvas, thick with paint, a blue wave…I was lying inside the curl and started swimming…the painting came to life!  I was roiling in the collapse of the wave, the quantum wave I have been writing about.

This is the first time I have been asked to make an astrological prediction on line (though my analytical writing is always influenced with my uncanny Aquarian insight) — and what an outlet!  An indication that my experiments on the Heisenberg Principle in Art have reached an apex.  The readers of my blogs total maybe 100 a day; the readers of this site stretch into the millions.

This period, in the days before the Neptune ingress, have taken on a surreal tinge — the transition zone.  Floating somewhere between heaven and earth…

Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris came in the mail but I fell asleep before I could watch it last night.

And, as I was surfing the Internet the other day, I came across an astrology website called…


How appropriate!  There I found an astrological profile of Elizabeth Taylor, whose Mars is at 1 degree Pisces, with her Venus at 7 degrees Pisces, making her the ultimate screen goddess.

Elizabeth Taylor was a remarkable lady and it is interesting that she passed away just before Neptune changed signs into Pisces, it switches next month. If you look back at Neptune on the cusp of the last degree of a sign, often a famous lady who made her mark on the world passed away.

Thanks to Astrologer Marjorie Orr who produced this incredible list to prove this point.

1901: Neptune leaving Gemini – Queen Victoria dies.
1915: Neptune leaving Cancer – Mary Baker Eddy and Emily Davidson (suffragette who suicided by horse at the Derby). Florence Nightingale also died with Neptune in late Cancer (1911)
1929: Neptune leaving Leo – Emmeline Pankhurst (the great suffragette), Ellen Terry, Isadora Duncan.
1943 – Neptune leaving Virgo – aviator Amy Johnson, writer Beatrix Potter.
1957 – Neptune leaving Libra – Laura Wilder (Little House on the Prairie), scientist Irene Curie
1968 – Neptune leaving Scorpio – Helen Keller, Enid Blyton, Dorothy Parker, Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland, Little Mo, Sonja Henie, Gypsy Rose Lee, Sharon Tate.
1983 – Neptune leaving Sagittarius – Nathalie Wood, Anita Loos (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), Anna Freud, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Gloria Swanson, Ethel Merman, Lillian Hellman, Indira Gandhi.
1998 – Neptune leaving Capricorn – Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, Ella Fitzgerald, Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Evelyn Laye, Dorothy Lamour, Claudette Colbert, Margueurite Duras, Patricia Highsmith, Mary Leakey.
2011 – Neptune leaving Aquarius – Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor.

Read more at Solaris Astrology

This analysis prompted me to take a good look at the Neptune Ingress for my predictions, considering I was predicting about Bernard Arnault, whose Pisces stellium is in his 7th house!

First, the Neptune ingress into Aquarius…which launched me into art reviewing.

This ingress came five days after my birthday.  Little did I know that the line-up in Aquarius on my Sun/Venus/Chiron would send me underground for eleven years!   Quite literally, I disappeared into the artistic underground where I synchronized my discoveries in art to flow with the energy regulated in my psyche (I did this through the Chironic art of astrology).   The ascendent is on my North Node in Scorpio, with the ruler Pluto in the Second House of Value (art).  The message here was discovering value  (Pluto in Sagittarrius in the Second House) in art (Venus) which is real (Capricorn).

The stellium in Aquarius in the Third and Fourth House is book-ended by the Venus/Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Pisces conjunct the South Node.  It was this year that I put into practice the formula I developed (when Uranus was on my Sun) for uncovering the art that is real, the formula I delivered (sans astrology) at  the 2009 AICA Congress in Dublin.

The entire eleven years I was hostage to the collective unconscious!  I couldn’t make any plans for fear of interrupting the flow and doing something that I wasn’t mean to do!    If only I had looked at the chart, I would have understood the length of the sacrifice Neptune demanded of me.  But it seemed essential to the journey to not know…Neptune doesn’t ask for understanding (Jupiter) or knowledge (Uranus) but simply belief.

And seeing it now explains why I feel so free as it exits with Liz who brought in the image of the sacred marriage (Neptune in Aquarius) with her royal marriage to Richard Burton.

Neptune entering Pisces on Monday brings a new focus…

This chart is such a personal whammy that it put me out of commission this week.  I take it as a map revealing the next stage of the journey.  As it must, considering I sacrificed myself to the previous cycle in Aquarius.

Yet, I am grateful for the renewed impact in my chart (Mars and Uranus on my natal ascendent at zero Aries).  The urgency of the 29.31 Gemini rising is in the thread of action woven through the chart.  Ruler Mercury, patron of alchemy, EXACTLY CONJUNCT  the New Moon at 23 Aries ruled by Mars EXACTLY CONJUNCT Uranus) gives a NOW OR NEVER energy to the proceedings.

The chart demands a communication (South Node in Gemini on the Ascendent) of the understanding (North Node in Sagittarius on the Descendent) of the New (Jupiter conjunct Sun in Aries) aesthetic (Libra) in design (Saturn exalted in Libra).

Venus straddling the MC with Neptune and Chiron.

Yes, we are talking about a major shift in design in accordance with a new archetype.

What I see is color!





Sacred Geometries!

The FEMALE FORM as the intersection between Heaven & Earth…

as we medial women

and Elizabeth Taylor

know all too well!


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