Jose Arguelles & the Lunar Calendar

What a shock to read of the March 23 death of Jose Arguelles in the New York Times obituaries.  It was my ambition to meet him!

Even more of a surprise was learning that he was born the same day as me, January 24.

And right now, as I call up his chart, I see that he also had a Pisces Moon,

He was advocating for a 13 month 28 day lunar calendar as the only means of preventing world destruction.

I meditated on a Los Angeles hillside for  the Harmonic Convergence on August 16-17, 1987.

I do believe he passed because he can guide us better through 2012 from the other side.  I will certainly be listening for his guidance.  The divine feminine needed an enlightened man to escort her into beingness.

Reading his books, I was astounded by his visions for the Age of Aquarius.

And what a departure!  On the Vernal Equinox ushering in his Uranus ruler in Aries!


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