The Libra Full Moon at 10:44 PM on Sunday, 17 April (New York City) launched a global dialectic(Moon in Libra in 11th house of the collective consciousness) that is centered on the Royal Wedding.  Two weeks of nonstop information, when the true knowledge (Jupiter) of the divine marriage is lurking (as if Aries can lurk!) in the subconscious (4th house).

We will be confronted with the revelation of this turbocharged Aries line-up — Uranus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun — once Mercury makes its station on Saturday and proceeds to emerge from its Shadow next week.

In the meantime, we have Venus adding her flourish to the earlier trail of the Pisces line up (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus) when she makes her ingress after midnight on Thursday.  This gives the Venus ingress chart the same rising, as the Full Moon chart above, underlying the message of a new (Jupiter in Aries) philosophy (North Node in Sag) on the horizon (Sag rising in both charts) of the Venusian aesthetic (Saturn in Libra) of harmony and balance (Aries line-up opposing the elevated Saturn).

What better celebration for the birth of a new archetype than a royal wedding!!


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