This New Moon chart, drawn for New York City, confirms what I wrote in my last post, about the new myth of the authentic feminine entering into the collective consciousness.  The Ascendent at 28 Aquarius conjunct Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, the healing of the collective wound regarding the immersion into the unconscious.

What happened just prior to this New Moon was the news of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden spreading like fire across the Internet.  The outpouring of emotion indicated by this chart in the world media capital.   The North Node elevated trining the Jupiter/Mars in the Second House, where the New Moon took place.  The house where Taurus belongs in the natural chart.

Indicating a new beginning (the Aries stellium) for love.  And end to the dichotomies that Osama bin Laden represented in his mirroring of Bush in polarizing humanity through his declarations.  “Either you are with (global terrorism), or against.”  The reality is that the world has moved on from patriarchy.

The time has finally come where the global consciousness is ready and prepared to universally acknowledge a paradigm shift!


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