This is such a dynamic chart!

I was so busy making full use of this rare shamanic moment — Venus in Aries supported by a stellium in the ninth house of publicity making  Grand Trine with the Leo Rising and  Jupiter ruled North Node in Sagittarius in the Fifth House of fame — that I didn’t even realize the gate was opening!

I was, in fact, writing a grant for a book that I didn’t even realize I was writing!  The very process of completing the grant proposal under this aspect had me thrust into the new paradigm — where I realized the book has already been written!


This passage of Venus through the Sixth Gate in her pioneering path to the Hieros Gamos on May 30 as the Moon, Venus and Mars meet up in Taurus, the sign of Venus within an 8 hour time period.   This amazing convergence of Venus with Mars in her own sign signals a new era of post-patriarchal love.

What are the rules.

But first, we honor and support Lara Logan for breaking the silence.  All women who work as foreign correspondents, and all women in general, are at risk 24 hours a day, simply for being a woman.

The harrowing story she told, in vivid and uncensored detail, on “Sixty Minutes” on Sunday brought a contemporary rendition of an ancient myth, “the descent of Inanna” into global consciousness.  Being attacked by a mob who pulled at her body, tried to rip off her scalp, and her reaction of going limp and then finding the fight to live when she felt her shame, was so reminiscent of this ancient myth — yet what was completely new: being rescued by a group of veiled Arab women, who threw water on the male attackers and Lara.  Water was sprinkled on Inanna by the gallas who saved her from her underworld torture, one drop for every gate she would go through to emerge.

This rewrites the ancient myth where it was a woman, the dark sister Ereskigal, who sent Inanna to her death.  In this case, it was the dark (veiled) women who saved her and delivered her right into the bosom of the divine feminine.

Logan’s chart reveals her immersion into a collective myth, Venus at 29 Aquarius being contacted by the Neptune/Chiron conjunction, revealing that her most courageous act, of many acts of bravery in her risky profession, was telling the truth about her harrowing underworld experience and connecting her personal journey to that of the universal plight of women.

By breaking the silence, Logan broke through the surface, to deliver the collective to a deeper level, where a new archetype of the feminine is emerging under this extraordinary Venus passage in Aries under the Lucifer Morning Star passage of Venus in the archetype of Scorpio, the priestess who transforms with her serpent consciousness!


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