Yuliya Lanina’s “Bird & Bees”


Yuilya Lanina's "Dodo" video still reveals her invented original imagery of the hieros gamos -- intertwined bodies physically forming the sacred marriage of opposites where male and female blend into the heart -- a holy new transgender identity of whole human beingness.

In conjunction with the “Festival of Ideas for the New City,” a new collaborative project with C. Eule Dance Company, Yevgeniy Sharlat (composer) and Yuliya Lanina, “Gentleman from Cracow” will be performed May 7th at 7.30pm during the closing reception of Yuliya Lanina’s solo show “Birds and Bees” 7-9pm.

"Besenok" in "Bird and Bees" by Yuliya Lanina

Yuilya Lanina, a Russian born New York artist has rendered a complete narrative of the death of the patriarchy …

The hieros gamos in motion: 'Not a Fairy Tale" panorama in "Birds and Bees" at NYS

And emergence of a newly conscious and aware female archetype into the collective consciousness.

Still from the animated visual poetry, "Birds and Bees" by Yuliya Lanina

 Here she takes the childhood story of procreation into a form of visual poetry in which humans transmute into animals, revealing the integration of this new archetype with the natural order of the cosmos.

"Arcadian Love" in "Bird and Bees" by Yuliya Lanina

Here are so images from this wonderful show which displays Yuliya’s new painting in the birth form of the mandorla.
Yuliya’s “Birds and Bees” on the southern wall of the New York Studio Gallery; Stanton Street, New York City

Yuliya Lanina has been an artist-in-residence at NY Studio Gallery since January 2011.  Employing grotesque imagery to simultaneously elicit feelings of uneasiness and empathy, Lanina paints and collages bizarre characters that come to life through mechanization, animation, and music.

The show runs April 7-May 7th.
Hours: Thurs – Sat, noon – 6 pm or by appointment

NYSG- NY Studio Gallery

154 Stanton St., New York, NY 10002
New York, NY

NYSG Performance by C. Eule Dance Company


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