FULL MOON SCORPIO 2011: Inequities of Power

I was leaving Paris right under the Full Moon, which was at its lowest point at noon, with the Sun elevated.   This angular position is about the private being made public.  The Moon in the sign of Scorpio, is ruled by Pluto ( power/sex/debt/rebith) in the sign of Capricorn, the oligarch.

At the infamous Cafe de Flore on St. Germain des Pres, I learned of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex scandal.

Scorpio Full Moon in Paris is directly overhead, bringing secrets protected by a national media out into the open.

Being in Paris, my immediate reaction was a set up — perhaps by the U.S., in reaction to a well deserved IMF imposed austerity program (a case of the utterly indebted”haves” getting a dose of medicine of the no recourse “have nots”)???!!!

Not a chance!  As I picked up discarded newspapers — The International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times — upon leaving the plane, I learned the truth was much more simple…

A case of the patriarchal Shadow rearing its ugly head!

The Scorpio Full Moon in New York City places the nodes in the media/publicity axis of Gemini/Sagittarius right on the horizon.

The unforgiving glare of the 24/7 media in America was revved up and ready to explode this episode.

It is the Neptune passage, with Chiron, into the mythical sign of Pisces, where it is at home, that raises such a morality tale to new heights.  The outrage of extreme discrepency of wealth on the planet, which the IMF is supposed to remedy but only serves to exacerbate — played out in this scenario of the IMF chief in his “leisure time” as a wealthy and therefore powerful hotel patron sexually assaulting a powerless chambermaid…

A scene out of a frisky French film …

Yet with an unexpected ending — a female judge ordering the wealthy patron in handcuffs, imprisoned in Riker’s Island!

The deeper implications of this outrage were made all too apparent in tabloid coverage.  The maid just happened (!) to be from Africa, thereby revealing a deeper scenario of  the IMF “screwing” the underprivileged by forcing them into further debt to ease their problems of indebtedness.

And indeed, a potential outcome of this outlandish scandal is that the balance of power in the world will be directly addressed — via discussion over Strauss Kahn’s replacement.  If he were to be succeeded by a figure from a non-European nation, this would usher in a new paradigm in global relations, the world no longer being separated into the previous imperialist polarized classifications but as an integral entity, interconnected and ever-evolving!


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