“BLUE MORPH”: Sacred Marriage of Heaven & Earth

The all immersive experience of "Blue Morph" projected before the chapel altar as engineered by Paul Geluso

May 28, 2000.   Victoria Vesna & Jim Gimzewski’s collaborative and interactive Blue Morph installed by the married couple Paul Geluso & Aliki  Portiris in the historic St. Cornelius chapel on Governor’s Island for curator Carol Parkinson’s Wave(forms): Electronic Art Exhibition.

Bathed in a blue light, an immersion in both sky and sea, I was the first to interact with this amazing work, which manages to be both site specificand globally uniform as a self-contained icon.

The back windows of St. Cornelius Chapel on Governor's Island


Blue Morph breaks down the boundaries between art /science and spirit/matter even as

The hexagonal shaped baptismal in St. Cornelius Chapel

it connects heaven and earth through the sacred geometry of holistic 21st century icon.

Lisa Paul Streitfeld interacting with Blue Morph while Carol Parkinson, Executive Director of Harvestworks, the organization that sponsored the project, looks on.




I met Victoria Vesna in Berlin on May 12, 2011 and promised her I would usher in the project launch in New York City while she made a near simultaneous launch of Blue Morph  on 23 May at St. John’s Church in Gdansk, Poland.

Victoria Vesna in Berlin on May 11 during a gallery tour of Berlin

Vesna was a plenary speaker at the Sixth annual The Arts in Society international conference held at the Berlin Branderburg Academy of Arts and Humanities and devoted this year to the integration of arts and science, in conjunction with the historical institution’s 2011-2012 Topic of the Year, “Arte Facts:  Knowledge is Art, Art is Knowledge.”

From integrating an aesthetic of the human shadow (above) arising from BuckminsterFuller's hexagonal domes, a 20th century development of his great aunt Margaret Fuller's hieros gamos philosophy. The nanoscale images and sounds of a transformation of a cocoon into butterfly interactswith the participant. If they stay perfectly still, the sitters can see their image morphing with the butterfly's transformation on a large scrim (placed before the apse of the chapel).

The seven levels of the "cocoon" integrating the crown with the hexagon in space

At the Berlin conference, I delivered a followup to my 2009 AICA paper in Dublin, chronicling my 28 year journey to erect a new art theory in conjunction with a grassroots movement in art devoted to the hieros gamos, summed up by these images.

Paul Geluso, Sound Arts Engineer and Educator, behind the pulpit of St. Cornelius Chapel during the installation.



Aliki putting the finishing touches on her cocoon

...sending and receiving the spiraling waves of the hieros gamos icon into inner and outer space.

My interaction with such an integration of form and content culminates my 12 year journey in the New York arts scene locating and interpreting a new aesthetic in interactive, collaborative art integrating heaven & earth…

…in reflection of our ever-present origin in the ancient icon of the hieros gamos.

My 11 year journey to experience this self-contained work of  transformation began with a ritual on May 5, 2000 recounted in my memoir, Kundalini’s Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol. I

The timing of this immersion was uncanny.  The eve of the Seventh Gate that shamanic Venus passes through as Lucifer, the Morning Star in the sign of Scorpio, the near culmination of a nine month journey from helical rise on November 3, 2011, when She is at her most brilliant…

Venus entering the Seventh Gate (Crown Chakra) flanked by Mars and Mercury

This Memorial Day triple conjunction triggered by the Moon brings to an end the May “show me the money” period, as described by astrologer Gloria Star.  She termed it a “marathon,” writing in her monthly forecast: “with more than patience required to continue all thew way to the finish line.  The power is there, but you must direct it clearly and purposefully if you are to prevail.”

Prevailing at this time means triumph when Jupiter enters Taurus at 9:57AM on June 4.

This is an incredibly exciting moment, as the ascendent is conjunct the Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008 and Jupiter is EXACTLY on the Midheaven at 00 degrees Taurus, ruling a prominent elevated Venus still conjunct Mars!!

I certainly felt I had reached the finish line when I experienced the transformation of Blue Morph  It has been a long and exhausting 11 years…

…to find the interactive global work of art that incorporates the cycle of transformation into a visual aesthetic of the sacred marriage of heaven and earth!

The path leading to the transformation of the hieros gamos, sacred marriage of heaven & earth, has hexagon tiles!

The authentic irony at work in this crucial timing of manifestation is that I had to go to Germany, the land of my ancestors (my name in German means battlefield) in order to locate this alchemical breakthrough so close to home!


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