Solar Eclipse in Gemini


This Solar Eclipse chart for New York City drives the conjunctio right home!  Intense Scorpio rising reflects the deep integration of the Sun and Moon, their divine intercourse taking place in the very house of marriage, while Venus and Mars are intertwined in the house of relationship!

This is the time for ushering in the Artist who weaves a divine unity into the very soul of Art!

On the day of the Solar Eclipse, I drove out to the country where I experienced an illuminating exhibition at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists, before conducting a meditation in the woods, a favorite spot in a grove, right under the eclipse, as the diminished Sun filtered through the trees.

RGA presents Continuum: Gender Identities, an exhibition which promises to be a big conversation in a small town. Each of us exists somewhere on the continuum between female and male. For some of us, that space is clearly defined; for others, it’s more fluid. Some of us move freely about in the world in our given skin; others shed that skin and creat a new one. Come see, and read, what over 50 artists from around the corner and around the world have to say on the subject of gender. This exhibition is curated by artist Nancy Moore. 

Proving, once again, that the arising of a new movement, the hieros gamos, arises in the grassroots.

As I was instructed it would be, long ago, and dedicated my life to a journey to uncover it.


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