Victoria Vesna & Jim Gimzewski's "Blue Morph"installed in St. Cornelius Chapel on Governors Island

I will be sending out Aquarian vibrations from  Victoria Vesna Jim Gimzewski’s Blue Morph on Governors Island at 11:00 AM EDT this morning simultaneously with Hanna Zdrojewska at Blue Morph in Gdansk, Poland at 5 PM CET, at the close of the project site.

Victoria will be tuning in from Bristol and Jim from Marseilles, while  Leas Maria joins us in Los Angeles.

You can see from the charts below how dynamic this meditation will be, as Blue Morph transmits vibrations between Heaven and Earth, the cosmos and our bodies.  The Moon is right at the Cancer/Leo cusp, making an exact inconjunct to the stationing Neptune in its own sign of mystical Pisces, forming a yod as it enters Leo with Pluto at six degrees Capricorn.

The Moon in Leo gives focused leadership power to a new global transformative structure (Pluto in Capricorn), reflecting (Neptune in Pisces) a (r)evolutionary grassroots movement connecting the dynamism of the cosmos with life on earth.

Blue Morph Meditation on Governor's Island, NYC

Blue Morph Meditation Gdansk, Poland

The Blue Morph New York City chart has Leo Rising with the Venus/Mars conjunction in Taurus directly overhead.

Blue Morph Gdansk chart has Scorpio Rising with the Venus/Mars conjunction setting, and the Moon elevated in the sky at zero Leo.


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