Jupiter in Taurus, Sign of Love

A glorious passage of Jupiter into the sign of Love!

It enters at the highest point in the sky — the Midheaven…

Spreading the beauty, the bounty, through the ethers to the ground, and initiating the Finger of God…

…a Yod with an exact sextile to Neptune turning retrograde and a wide inconjunct of both planets to Saturn stationing direct in Libra, also in the sign ruled by Venus.

So, this double Venus emphasis, in physical Taurus and intellectual Libra, combined with Neptune changing direction in its home sign of mystical Pisces,  is prompting us to inwardly reflect on what we value in life.

On a societal/cultural level, this mystical configuration is capable of delivering a movement dedicated to peace and love, shades of the early sixties.

My friend and editor, Rolf Maurer, attended a peace rally in front of Rep. Christopher Hines office in Bridgeport on Friday.  I’m publishing his report below:

The protest in Bridgeport today went well. People were actually willing to take the handouts, and the police were very laid-back about the whole thing, although Himes’ assistant would only allow one of us to see him, provided the person wasn’t “aggressive” toward him, which was absurd considering it was a pro-peace demo. about ending massive aggression in Libya and Afghanistan.

And this is precisely the Yod in action.  Forcing us to confront the Shadow, both personal and collective, which stands in the way of our entering the feeling of unconditional love — and therefore the new archetype.

There is a definite spiritual feeling (Moon in Cancer in the 12th house)  of the “sacred marriage” of gender opposition (Venus & Mars) giving birth, under the alchemical conjunctio of the recently eclipsed Gemini Sun, to the infans solaris as a collective dream (11th house).


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