Summer Solstice 2011: Goddesses Arising!!!

Turtles on the Summer Solstice -- symbols of Heaven & Earth!

June 22.  Today, the priestesses gather for the last quarter Moon meditation, to fill out the month of simultaneous meditations completing a triangle of healing under the Chiron/Neptune conjunction forming a yod with the Saturn in Libra station.  New York, where the patriarchal hold on politics and finance is breaking down, with Gdansk, an arising center of sacred power and Los Angeles, the U.S. healing center.

The 2011 Summer Solstice chart for New York City is stressful.   The Sun’s entrance into Cancer forming a fixed cross with its opposition to Pluto right on the IC, impacting home and family, with Saturn rising opposing Uranus setting on the ascendant/descendent axis.

With so much action on the angles on the U.S. East Coast in a Summer Solstice prior to the last Solar Eclipse on the US Sun in this cycle, the impact is deep and far-reaching.   The blessing is the trine between the Sun ingress into Cancer and the healing Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Pisces.

On the political level, the stress is manifesting as the battle of the budget, as national leadership attempts to align spending allocations (Pluto ruling the second on the IC) with values (Saturn in Libra), and avoiding at all costs necessary talk of austerity at home (Pluto on the 4th house cusp) while the IMF intends to imposes austerity programs in Greece in exchange for bailout.

Facing the unavoidable reality of the US $ 15 trillion debt matching the US $15 GDP, there is recognition now that…


The message is clearly written into the stress of the Summer Solstice chart.

A foretaste of the July 1 partial Solar Eclipse, triggering the Solar Eclipse on January 4, precisely opposite the US birth degree!

The boomerang across the ascendant/descendent axis, incorporating the Moon/Chiron/Neptune sextile Jupiter in Taurus, brings VALUES into everyday decision-making.  This is the time of realization that tough decisions regarding the nation’s future can no longer be put off into the future.

The saving grace — relief from the tension — is the Venus in Gemini in the Ninth House trine the Saturn in Libra in the First House.  This means a free flow of communication of a balanced sustainability through the integration of higher/lower mind.  With Vesta and Athena together in Aquarius convening in the Fifth House of creativity we have a Grand Trine in air, the element of intellectual flow to find creative solutions to our present condition.


Gina Casetta-Westerberg minutes before the Summer Solstice 2011









3 Responses to “Summer Solstice 2011: Goddesses Arising!!!”

  1. This is concise and very helpful, even on the West coast, in Los Angeles.
    I am grateful for information that is clear and helpful. Thank you!

    • Lisa Paul Streitfeld Says:

      Thank you Leas Maria! This will prompt me to start adding lunar interpretations for Los Angeles. And Poland!

  2. i love this blog! Starting a Happening often means building our connections as though they are little plants, looking to unify and grow in the Sun, the Light.

    I’m inspired to work more directly on this.

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