To Jack Smith: “You’re Welcome!”

Jack Smith's exhibition at Barbara Gladstone, the title scrawled on the gallery wall,

I caught the Jack Smith exhibition at Barbara Gladstone Gallery in the hours before its 16 June closing.

What a revelation!

In Smith’s pre-digital universe, termed an aesthetic of failure. he was self-creating multi-layered archetypal imagery of the birth of a new archetype, an underground aesthetic of the erotic hidden from public view due to disputes over his estate.


Here is what my consciousness filtered from Normal Love, captured with my camera.

The Serpent delivering the divine wisdom of the authentic feminine power…

the serpent knowledge of good and evil

the serpent knowledge of good and evil

To the wounded male, a walking mummy...

...raising this kundalini power...

...uncoiling to the spiral...

connecting to earth...

...and heaven

an erotic charge of opposites



…of the ancient source of our ever-present origin: the divine wedding of the hieros gamos

Atop a ziggurat!

Eros as transgender force connecting the opposites.

And now we can see where Lady Gaga got her idea of creating artifacts as merchandise..

Underground film funding vehicle: Jack Smth's "Flaming Merchandise"

…of a stellar journey…

Jack Smith memorabilia wall at Barbara Gladstone

…outside the bounds of human law!


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