Shamanic Venus in Gemini: Manifesting the Dream

After watching a Nova special What are Dreams? I had a dream about a ridiculed Emperor being paraded through the streets.  He was sitting at a table gorging himself even as the people were ridiculing him.

I woke up precisely at the moment that shamanic Venus was passing through the last gate of her Morning Star incarnation in the magical transcendent sign of Scorpio.

Shamanic Venus conjunct the Crescent Moon in Gemini: the last gate before her 60 day disappearance , when she is at greatest distance from the Earth in the exterior conjunction with the Sun. This chart has the Venus/Moon conjunction Rising in Gemini with the South Node of the Moon. Just a day before a partial Solar Eclipse, this chart reveals renewed public (North Node in Seventh House) dialogue (Gemini) about the manifestation of the new archetype in art (Saturn in Libra the apex of a Yod with the Neptune/Chiron sextile Jupiter in Taurus).

I jumped out of bed to check the time.  It was 3:32 AM EDT!   The moment of the passage Venus to the half-way point of her synodic cycle of 584  days to the Eighth Gate, or Eighth Chakra, which began with the initiation of my (R)evolution Series last fall.

I knew then that  my ritual manifestation would be to finish and post my revelation  inside the Lynda Benglis exhibition at the New Museum, just prior to my heading to Governors Island for the Blue Morph party, where the feminine took on a new authority…

The Artist as Priestess! Victoria Vesna behind the pulpit at the St. Conrelius Chapel installation of "Blue Morph."

And priestesses aligned around a new archetype, the hieros gamos, manifested in every aspect of this universal project.

19 June opening party of "Blue Morph"



the view from inside "Blue Morph"

Could I have seen the patterns in place without first entering this holistic New Paradigm perspective of the hieros gamos?

The Kundalini spiral manifested by a "Blue Morph" priestess

I don’t think so!!


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