Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer: Awakening and New Beginnings

While the July 1 Solar Eclipse has no visual impact, as it can only be seen in a small area in the south of Antarctica, it is important as beginning a new 19 year Saros cycle.

What were you doing 19 years ago, on June 30, 1992?

I was living in Malibu and publishing my first novel, Champagne Tango, where I first put the term hieros gamos into printed form.  This launched me a on an excruciating 19 year journey to embody (yes, that is the feminine process) the Philosopher’s Stone which would provide the integrated right/left brain language to interpret and filter constellation of this arising archetype as it entered the collective consciousness.

My personal/professional journey reaches a culmination under this eclipse , with two Huffington Post reviews interpreting this archetype’s entrance into theater and the museum published within 24 hours!

(R)evolution in Theater: The Magdalene: A Musical Play

(R)evolution in the Avant-Garde: Boris Lurie & the NO!art Movement

Who knew there would be such an outlet as a blog for an authentic feminine voice i when I began this journey 19 years ago?  At that time I was struggling with the voice in fiction, attempting to distill a complex idea into the simplest prose.  I often dreamt of a form of writing that would allow for a tunneling below the immediacy of the surface through a one click process, which we now know as the link!

The New York City chart has the eclipse action rising at dawn, in a flowing trine with the Chiron/Neptune high overhead, at the Midheaven.  Saturn is the apex of a Yod with the Chiron/Neptune sextile Jupter, on the cusp of the 5th House of Fame.

This eclipse portends that (surprise!) the media will deliver an awakening of the collective consciousness (Jupiter in the 11th House) to the value (Mercury in Cancer in the 2nd House) of the birth of a new feminine archetype.

A great start to a new 19 year Saro cycle for the Moon eclipsed in the sign, Cancer, that it rules, signaling the Return of the Great Mother.

Seeing how the patriarchy has proved to be an utter failure in meeting the challenges of the 21st century…


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