Chatham Performance Painting: The Gospel of Heide

My review of The Magdalene: A Musical Play coincided with the Solar Eclipse, ending the 19 year Saros Cycle in Cancer, sign of the Great Mother.

On Independence Day, with the Sun in Cancer triggering an opposition to the 4 January Solar Eclipse, this blog comes to a resounding close with a performance by Heide Hatry: Chatham Performance Painting:  The Gospel of Heide.

Commencing at 6:45 PM with the North Node of the Moon rising in the East, Heide Hatry, whose given name means Pagan, inscribes on a rose colored sheet a letter received from Hugo Payans, direct descendent of the Knight’s Templar founder and first Grand Master, and heir to the Templar fortune.

The sheet comes from my bed in the Big Yellow House.  The transference of the dream to a ritual embodiment with organic material incorporating heaven and earth  brings my journey into the nature of the human gene (the relation between the kundalini, the DNA and the mythical cosmic serpent) to a close.

A grail journey initiated under my first visit into the Native American Church  under the 30 June Solar Eclipse in 1992 to my fated meeting with Margaret Starbird following the January 24, 1997 Seal of Solomon signaling the Aquarian Age cosmology;  my fated 12 September 2007 encounter with Hvgo Payans to the hieros gamos birth of the divine child blackmadonna2009; and ultimately, disseminating the new 21st century interactive collaborative art forms on this blog and the Hufffington Post (R)evolution Series.

Initiated in a form of living scripture,The Gospel of Heide is the meeting place of the divine seed and the pagan womb of the Dark Mother.  In this live, interactive Independence Day  performance, the Templar bloodline realizes its potential to impregnate the world with the birth of a 21 century archetype.  From the shadow of the  officially sanctioned art world,  Hatry’s performing text  commands the solar heat of the Center.  Incorporating the natural materials symbolizing life/death/rebirth —  charcoal, ashes, milk and the egg — Hatry concludes her  Expectations  narrative begun in 2006.

The Gospel of Heide performance/text simultaneously embodies and signifies a contemporary quest for the Holy Grail: to contain and honor the face of the divine feminine repressed by western culture and kept alive through the Templar legend of the Black Madonna.

Manifestation of a Aquarian Age cosmology in six easy steps.

Step one entrance

Step two setting the canvas

Step three arranging the books

Step three mixing the materials

Step four wiping hands on the grass

Step five;  picking up the charcoal

Step six:  Writing the symbolic text with the charcoal.



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