Capricorn Full Moon: Supporting Transition

Victoria Vesna wrote of the Capricorn Full Moon reflecting on water along a spectacular Bastille Day fireworks show in the port of Marseille.

The Sun is in the water sign of Cancer.  Culminating our global dialogue about water as a healing element and key to life and this momentous transition, Victoria sent an amazing link that images the transition of water into spirit: Water levitated by Tibetan singing bowls

The Capricorn Full Moon (EDT) revealed surrender into illumination as the passage out of the six week eclipse cycle -- the full moon across the cusps of the 2/3 and 8/9 houses.

Hanna Zdrojewska, a Polish High Priestess who synchronized Victoria Vesna’s global Blue Morph Mediations through the six week eclipse cycle, e-mailed me a message about this Capricorn Full Moon and its balance of public/private:

This Capricorn Full Moon is devoted to spiritual guidance (both external and internal). It is perfect time to tune in with Divine Guidance and to honour our spiritual masters and teachers who shared their wisdom and techniques with us and also to honour our inner divine guidance which led us so well whole our life.

Actually last two weeks I am so filled with gratitude and remind myself more and more persons who helped me in my life to discover my Divinity and merge with it. It is so wonderfull process to send good vibrations to all of them whether they are still on this or on more subtle plane of existence.

I wouldn’t be who I am without an impact of each of them!

In sanskrit this Full Moon is called Guru Poornima and it is the main festival for spiritual seakers. They gather either physically or internally in the presence of their Guru (the one leading from the darkness to the light and removing plenty of obstacles on that way).

 I am so happy that after long time of effort, I was able to go over distinction of male and female teachers and forgave all ‘shortages’ of male gurus who were just doing the best they could of their part of the work. Now there is our common task ( of Goddesses and Gods) to lead humanity in Golden Age.

 I celebrated this TRUTH with an amazing Visionary and Spiritual Teacher,  Mary Beth Canty, who has guided me through the passage from my Alchemy of Love: FIre performance in 2007.  This was followed by guidance, in the safety of a small, intimate group, into a light chakra clearing and guided imagery journey within Sacred Space.

I envisioned a sacred marriage on the holy mountain: a union of the Goddesses of light (consciousness) and darkness (the unconscious) culminating in the luminous form of the new feminine radiating from the galactic center.  As she entered the earth’s atmosphere and walked the spiral path from the Holy Mountain, her form was surrounded by the horns of cornucopia radiating outward —  rainbow of the spinning chakras, zipped up or fastened into the female form.

The invitation to the meditation was a call that I could not ignore, despite not having read it.  My intuition alerted by Hanna’s e-mail guided me into texting Mary Beth to ask for a reading.  A slot was open right before the meditation.  By moving into that space, I entered a web of perfect harmony — as above/so below, so within/so without –in which the reading and meditation resulted in a powerful synchronicity with a participant immediately afterwards.  This unfolded into a Full Moon Hen Party with my evolved Capricorn friend, Gina Cassetta, who celebrated the Summer Solstice with me and the turtles, symbols for the heaven/earth integration of Cancer/Capricorn.

The meditation was abundant with new imagery, particularly milk injected into the body: this seems to be a physical embodiment of the Cosmos.  The “Milky Way” was known to the Mayans as the birth cleft of the Great Mother, represented by the zodiac sign of Cancer, the crab, opposite the galactic center.

I reprint. below, Mary Beth Canty’s invitation to her “milky” mediation which will illuminate the passage to “supporting transition” across the threshold of the paradigm shift:

Our next Full Moon occurs at 2:40am on Friday morning (EDT) in the sign of Capricorn. The meditation will be on Thursday night because, by Friday night, the Moon will have moved into the sign of Aquarius.

This is the first Full Moon after a series of 3 consecutive eclipses. In June, the New Moon in Gemini was paired with a Solar Eclipse and the Full Moon in Sagittarius was paired with a Lunar Eclipse. On July 1st, the New Moon in Cancer was also paired with a Solar Eclipse. 

This Full Moon breaks this eclipse cycle.

Also of note, this Full Moon also breaks a Capricorn Moon eclipse cycle. The Full Moon in Capricorn was eclipsed in 2009. Both the New and Full Moons in Capricorn were eclipsed in 2010. And in 2011, the Capricorn New Moon was also eclipsed.

This Capricorn Full Moon pulls us out of the tunnel experience created by these 2 separate, yet overlapping, eclipse phenomena. 

This Capricorn Full Moon is free and clear.

The past… these eclipses… these ending-creating influences… occurred seemingly as if one on top of the other. The Capricorn ones were Saturn-influenced. They hit hard. Saturn, the teacher, operates to harden and crystalize. This planet’s rule coalesces experience into something powerful, mighty, yet beautiful in its elegance — like diamond formed from pressurized coal. But what does not have the stuff of diamonds becomes embattled — and, if merciful, shatters and falls away — all to good end. Unfortunately, it seldom feels this way when it is happening.

Eclipses also allow our shadow aspects to call some of the shots. The Shadow serves a purpose. It gets the attention of our little selves — the selves that can get caught up in the details of our everyday lives and mundane survival. The Shadow ultimately serves the Soul. It brings us closer to Truth. It helps us to see The Divide — in our lives — and in the substance of our very existence.

In the wake of these eclipses, we are in a ripe time… as the uneclipsed Full Moon in Capricorn prepares to rise on Thursday evening.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn. Cardinal signs are good at beginnings. Earth signs are grounded and practical. Saturn limits, binds, restricts, sets boundaries, and provides structure. With these talents, the Capricorn nature is intrinsically inclined toward duty and responsibility.

Capricorn is represented by the goat. A sure climber, the goat is able to ascend even in tough terrain. In this way, Capricorn is associated with the ability to set long-term goals and lean into them without hesitation.

Consciously working with Transition under the Capricorn Full Moon — that is not eclipsed — will be potent. Unhampered Saturn will provide the structure and the boundaries for the journey. We can open — and trust the greater compass of our Souls — and beyond that, the All That Is — to guide us, letting Saturn set up the guideposts, as we open to the Great Unknown — and the opportunities that lie in that… that Path… ahead

With the eclipse cycles at our back, beneath this month’s Full Moon, I am offering a meditation that will operate on two levels. This meditation will offer both personal growth plus the opportunity to be of Service. We will practice receiving healing for ourselves WHILE we participate multi-dimensionally to assist anyone who is experiencing fear in the face of transition.

If you are leaving something behind or beginning something new; if you know someone going through change or transition and would like to offer non-invasive support; if you feel Called to Service, but don’t know how to do that, this meditation is for you.

 If you feel Spiritually Called and would like to practice performing energy work in Service to the Greater Good, we will open to assist anyone experiencing transition to begin the next phase of… whatever comes next for them in what is best for their Soul.


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