"Goddess 2012" by Leas Maria

In the U.S., the dark moon brings us to a Congressional deadlock illuminating the crossroads culminating in June,  2012.  Here we face both the Uncertainty — its potential for real Change and danger of  the very real threat of default — spelled out in the July 1 Solar Eclipse in Cancer, where the tension of the cardinal cross across the axis on the U.S. East Coast for the U.S. birthday will build until the exact Uranus square Pluto on June 2012.

The Patriarchy vs. the New Paradigm.   The potential here was a creative solution to the black hole into which America has fallen with its debt obligations.  Instead of a historic creative compromise, realizing the potential of the Mercury in Leo sextiling Saturn in Libra, the sign of partnership and balance, we have acrimony and childish behavior on the part of our lawmakers.

The August 2 deadline summoned by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (born on the day of the Harmonic Convergence!) is when Mercury makes its retrograde station at 1 degree Virgo.  What happens at that point will be furiously played out with the treading back into Leo.

U.S. President Barack Obama proclaimed on Monday night he was “left at the altar” by Speaker Boehner.  Put this together with the images of gay marriages out of New York state, and we have a potentiality of a new understanding of embracing the uncertainty of unconventional marriage as an opportunity to joyfully sail into a new paradigm.

Leas Maria sent me her amazing “2012 Goddess” image.   It send me to the ground when I first saw it. With horns like antennas, she takes in everything and her body is so mathematically structured in its stabilization of these waves of ecstatic eros (via the quaternary) with shadows not as blockage but protection, like shoulder pads on this six armed figure, an entirely new and unexpected image of the hieros gamosas the marriage of Carl Jung’s quaternary and Wolfgang Pauli’s hexagon!

Lea Maria’s gift was an outer manifestation of the grounded prescription of my channeled reading by Mary Beth Canti which said to protect myself in Robin’s Egg Blue (her source integrates process with prophecy, as this is also a symbolic message of personal rebirth) as I sharpen my aura for the graceful completion of this year’s  from the implicate to the explicate order.  A previous reading told me to wear pink, so prevalent here as a contrast to blue!  So, in this blend of form and color I have the Robin’s Egg Blue protected by its shadow and the magnetic dynamism of eros that once created such chaos in my body now structured into a stable form (the square) linking into the downward arc of universal love in the higher body (the head), to half circle in the heart center, descending into a holistic sphere in the lower body.

Mayan World Tree represents the three kingdoms in its branches; (Underworld), trunk (Earth) and branches (Heaven). Image credit: credit mayankids.com or include a link to the mayankids.com

These three levels are the Upper (Heaven)/Middle (Earth)Lower (Underworld) Kingdoms envisioned by the Mayans as the World Tree at the Galactic Center, aligned with the Winter Solstice in 2012.  This is a culmination of a process of transformation since the Harmonic Convergence on Aug 16-17, 1987

“2012 Goddess” arrived via e-mail on 19 July, following Hanna’s revelatory “Diamond Sisterhood” based on the structure of the lunar cycle.  Lea Maria proclaimed her “Goddess of Protection and Power” a personal teacher who arose in her MathArt Meditation as a potent force for positive change in her life.  By giving me permission to post his remarkable figure, she is disseminating this power to the world.

Her arrival in my consciousness catalyzed a personal breakthrough, when my subconscious was weaving the web placing the dark goddess into the evolution of science in the 20th century by way of the female body – Rosalind Franklin’s discovery of the DNA structure in 1953 and Vera Rubin‘s discovery of Dark Energy.  I ended up channeling this essay under the Third Quarter Aries Moon sextile Mercury in Leo when Mars hit the South Node in Gemini.  Incredibly, both women were born under the sign of Leo, just two days apart: Franklin on July 25 and Rubin on July 23; their birthdays this year resulted in the knowledge of their full contributions entering the collective consciousness via “2012 Goddess” who integrates inner and outer into a mathematical balance of opposing forces.

DNA structure and Key; image by Zephyris for Wikipedia

The endeavors of these two female pioneers, who challenged convention, represented the marriage of the microcosm (the human genome) and macrocosm (the universe). Working both sides of the brain is something women can do better than men, which reveals the root of the problem of the Congressional deadlock: the preponderance of testosterone in the two organs of the political body.  While President Obama reveals that a man is quite capable of achieving balance between the opposites, his battles with Congress makes transparent the backward glance…

The Caduceus is still used as the symbol for the medical profession serpent power in the body is depicted in the Caduceus, the ancient symbol of healing. as well as the double helix of the DNA.

The marriage of the opposites (heaven/earth, male/female, dark/light) in Goddess 2012″ teaches us the importance of structuring and grounding our wisdom; this provides the strength for battles with the establishment.

I’m focusing on this image as a magical force for positive change in my life and hope you will do so as well.

Hanna structured her wisdom of the lunar cycle as the marriage of a +/- polarity unified by merging our inner (r)evolution with the phases of the Moon, sowing the seeds that we plant under the New Moon under fruition of the Full Moon and the harvest of the Dark Moon, when our intuition reveals deeper truths than our conscious mind can grasp.  The result is the step-by-step body/mind/spirit integration of our emergence into our true selves.

Organizing your life in accordance with the Moon means drawing down the archetypal energies  illuminated by the waning Moon into the cup of everyday life.  This achievement is the Holy Grail of the Age of Aquarius.

Here Hanna provides the structure of the Moon Cycle which begins tomorrow, July 30.  Meditate with the priestesses at these times as you sow your personal seed and participate with us in the miracle of rebirth!


New M     30 July   8.40 p.m. GD;         2.40 p.m. NY       and 11.40 a.m LA

1st Q        6 August    1.08 p.m. GD;     7.08 a.m. NY       and  4.08 a.m. LA

Full M       13 August   8.57 p.m. GD;    2.57 p.m. NY       and  11.57 a.m. LA

3rd Q        20 August  11.54 p.m. GD;   5.54 p.m. NY      and   2.54 p.m.  LA


One Response to “DARK MOON: “2012 GODDESS””

  1. As we sit in the vortex of rebirth of the marriage of male and female with the next level of God waiting to endow us with the love and the power to institute change on Earth, we must visit the resistance in ourselves and our government and plow the new morphogenetic field of successful governance among the three branches, Body, Mind, and Spirit and Legislative, Judicial and Executive.

    It is the Executive which has the ability to initiate the new Morphogenetic field, which has the ability to join with the positive flow of change.

    May we all focus our BodyMindSpirit on President Obama, who can be a viable male example of successful governance,

    I propose we have another Goddess meditation Sunday night, 5PM PDT, on the best solution for the stale “mate” of US Congress.

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