Leo New Moon: Transformational Play!

Icon of the Sacred Marriage: Heaven Cracks the Earth by Susan Shaner, who gave an illuminating Leo New Moon talk, Love and Sacrifice: Reflections from a Universal Kabbalah Perspective revealing a path of awareness to process karma through everyday acts of loving.

I knew the Leo New Moon would be spectacular, even before I saw the chart, because it was the day the Astrological Society of Connecticut planned its annual picnic.

With Scorpio rising, we look at the position of the planetary rulers of the ascendent: Mars and Pluto are in an out of sign applying opposition with the nodes in the 2/8 houses. This chart has a clear message of transforming the anger of the T-Square (reflected in the Earth based T-Party movement) into creative transformation for America. The solution is the surrender into Uncertainty, falling into the arms of universal love, the 21st century icon of the sacred marriage (Sun/Moon conjunct Venus in the 9th house opposing Pallas-Athena, who reveals the process/strategy of the passage reflected by Susan Shaner)

I arrived at the lovely country house of Denis & Ollie Picard in anticipation of spending the Leo New Moon among astrologers.   Denis asked me where Venus is and that was clearly a sign: as a reflection of Venus getting used to withholding her gifts while embarking on her 60 day stay in the Underworld…

Venus conjunct the Moon in the 12th house emphasizes her inward withdrawal during her 60 days in the Underworld while making the transition from Morning Star to Evening Star; Venus becomes visible again on October 29, when she is 10 degrees from the Sun.

…there was no food or drink (I had a dream about this that night, an empty table with five chairs forming a pentagram), as we arrived two hours early due to a timing error on the E-vite!  But  the early sign of Mercury’s 3 week passage in its home sign of Virgo worked in my favor,  as I seemed to have entered a door into another zone while focused on another early arrival, the mystical presence of Connecticut’s television psychic…

the psychic Mary Angel

…who proclaimed she didn’t use astrology in her intuitive process!   This, in marked contrast to Alphee, the world-renowned astrologer based in Connecticut who makes stock market predictions through his creation of astrology software based on research by his Connecticut based astro-investigators.

Alphee ruminating on cosmic law from a Connecticut swing.

On the way home from this New Moon journey, I stopped at a state park to swim in a lake, and a butterfly circled around me…

Reminding me of the global message of this spectacular Leo New Moon in my neck of the woods.

Transformational Play!


One Response to “Leo New Moon: Transformational Play!”

  1. Mary Angel Says:

    This was quite a surprise when I discovered this page tonight while doing a google search of my name.

    I am an intuitive who loves astrology, but I am No way an astrologer nor do I use an astrology in my intuitive readings!

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