Aquarius Full Moon: Living the Dream!

The Aquarius Full Moon finds us under the effects of Venus making her interior conjunction to the Sun in the passionate sign of Leo.  Although this union is taking place out of sight due to Venus close proximity with the Sun, retrograde Mercury is playing mischief-maker in the marriage bed.

The alchemical combustion of this combination calls for one thrilling ride!

In the global media center (see New York City chart below), the action is taking place in realm of media (Moon/Neptune in the 3rd) and publicity (Mercury, Venus and Sun in the 9th).  In a beautiful symmetry, the urge to get out the message is reinforced by the Nodes rising in Sag/Gemini.  The focus of all this media buzz is on the chart ruler, Jupiter, stationing in the Fifth House of celebrity romance.

As Saturn and Jupiter have sped forward this summer, the Yod between the two love signs, Libra (Saturn) and Taurus (Jupiter) with Chiron and Neptune (Pisces) has receded.  The time has passed for the planting of the seed of this newly arising archetype in the collective unconscious.

This Aquarian Full Moon chart reveals what remains on the journey: the full throttle emergence into the culture!  Pallas Athena and Vesta in Aquarius are holding down the fort in the Second House, thereby reinforcing a consciousness of grounding the archetypal energy before flying off onto the public stage, decorated as it is with Leo’s passionate outpourings!

While living the dream is the dramatic narrative taking place, there is a caveat: it can only happen through transformation.  Mars on the cusp of the Eighth House scarred from the ravage of a Pluto opposition (witness the chaos in the stock market following President Barack Obama’s assault on his leadership from the budget debacle) on the Second House cusp, which rules the stability of our currency and urging us to reassess our talents in view of a new paradigm.

As Mars moves forward under the waning Moon, the change solidifies through a challenging square to Saturn under the dark Moon on August 25.  Ten hours later, Venus after having her dreams tested under the opposition to Neptune (August 21), finds a harmonious partnership with Pluto.  At that time, if we surrender to instinct, our bodies — a reflection of the collective body — can begin to assess a powerful new reality: the adaptation to Uncertainty as a guiding principle for life.

All in all, there is a great deal of combustion taking place at this crucial passage of the 21st century archetype from the implicate to the explicate order.  This is the yod giving way to the ravaging of the T-square (read Tea Party).

For now, the Full Moon action in my neighborhood is about the media and publicity.   Indeed, I am preparing now for a change in this direction that has been in the works since January, resulting in a column based on lunar predictions for a Parisian start-up this fall that will feature my new blog and website…

This Full Moon reveals a great deal of anticipation of a collective dream (Neptune retrograded back into Aquarius) made real by way of Jupiter in Taurus in the Fifth House of creativity, reinforcing the Leo theme in this chart.

Jupiter is making its station for a retrograde that will bring it back to Zero Taurus on December 26.  During this time, it is supported by the forward (September 16) motion of Pluto in Capricorn.   This is a time to devote to crystallization of our individual (Leo) participation in a collective dream (Neptune in Aquarius) surrounding the crystallizing of the 21st century icon, the hieros gamos (Saturn in Libra elevated in the 10th house with partnership minded Juno approaching for an early September conjunction). The catalyzing effect of the retrograded Uranus in Aries (re-emerging from its retrograde at a crucial Zero Aries on December 10) calls on us earthlings to make this ancient archetype NEW!!!!


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