30 August: Venice from the vaporetto

My prophetic dream told me of a meeting with destiny.  8:27 and 8:30.  I thought the numbers meant time at first.  Later, I realized it was a date.  8/27 and 8/30.

My original ticket was for August 27.   Due to cancellations from Irene, I arrived August 30.  The dream foretold of the delay, warning of the obstacles it would take, as it always does, to wrest one’s destiny from a predetermined fate.

After arriving in Venice, the watery city and reveling in the feminine energy in an environment so attuned to the tides, I received New Moon messages from the Goddesses:

Dear Goddesses – greetings from Hong Kong!

This was a pretty amazing new moon and I was immersed in preparation of Water Bowls for the exhibition as the hurricane was flooding NY. Governor’s Island was closed last weekend and the Blue Morph will be up until the 25th. Once again there is a three day overlap 22nd is the opening of the water show at the Cathedral of St John the Divine (again) and the 25th Blue Morph closes at the chapel of St Cornelius. Very curious to get your feedback on the planetary picture at that moment! And, of course I invite you to be there in flesh or spirit or both!


p.s. Typhoon raging here now – Taiwan and moving in this direction!

And from Leas Maria:

When I see the movement of our pathway, (that was first shown to me in the first meditation we did)  I experience more energy and consciousness available to the Earth as Victoria trail blazes around the world opening new pathways which connect to the “grid”.
thank you all for taking the time to communicate, even though you are so busy.
The Vajrasattva is my diamond path, and I wish Green  Tara to follow our “Grid” and bring us to the highest level of interaction with the Divine Feminine!

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  1. This all gets more and more exciting for me. I know that huge events start with ripples as in our communications. The wave is growing and time is shrinking as space opens to that which wrests our live from predestination which is a parphrase of Lisa’s amazing sharing.

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