My journey has been about my personal "sacred marriage" in my horoscope, integrating the opposition of my ruler, Uranus in Leo, with my Aquarian Sun. Here I am playing with the Leo with a self-portrait of my face obscured by flashbulbs with this wonderful rainbow at my heart chakra! I made this during the triple conjunction and forgot all about them until downloading my camera. At this writing, the image seems to sum up the triple conjunction on a personal level, complete with the Mercury element of the writing and posting.

On August 16, Venus and the Sun were in superior conjunction, culminating her 60 day disappearance.  In alchemical language, this is the veiling period while Venus prepares for her transformation into Evening Star.  After the energetic rush of the Morning Star phase, Venus is now less active, more thoughtful, in her Evening Star phase.  Here on Earth we respond in kind.

What is key about this transition period is Mercury.  Just a day after the superior conjunction of Venus, Mercury was in an inferior conjunction.  It seems that the Messenger god, Hermes, has a great deal to do with the message that the Evening Star, Hesperus, will be bringing to the collective consciousness as she prepares for her line-up this fall.

With retrograde Mercury in Leo making mischief in the marriage bed, we are in for quite a ride as the inherent message of the “inferior (interior) conjunction” reaches the culture.  As these Leo nupitals are tied up with my art theory, I’m wondering at this time just what will be my role…

Sunday, August 28. I am busy at work writing my new column by screen light

In fact, as the dark moon gave way to the New Moon this past weekend, I was busy (in a blackout!) tracking the progression of the Venus/Moon conjunctions through fall and filtering the meaning through a new position, astro-fashion columnist for a new Parisian start-up that will be translated into Chinese!

The dark moon had me immersed in an endless task: archiving my work, which included going through rejection letters posted on the window during my "Alchemy of Love: Sublimatio" performance in September 2007. The Harper's Bazaar letter was an exchange for an excerpt of "Lunar Diary" by Aquarius, written in 1997 as the preliminary to Kundalini's Daughter.

A global spiritual gathering among priestesses gathered by the international artist Victoria Vesna (whom I met in Berlin) chronicled here has brought a radical career shift — the manifestation of a long time dream to guide women by the Moon.  This pathway of attunement to the heavenly spheres, which I have now been on since I began the study of astrology 27 years ago,  harkens back to Marsillo Ficino’s hermetic practices that catalyzed the Italian Renaissance.

Under the triple line-up, I discovered that Common Ground will be publishing my paper about this “Overcoming the Heisenberg Principle: New Art Theory Emerging From Under Wolfgang Pauli’s Wave” delivered at their Berlin conference this past spring.

Coming full circle with this path, I will be returning to Italy this week where I attended the Open Center 2000 conference  The Italian Renaissance and the Esoteric Traditions: Hermetic, Cabalistic and Neoplatonic Philosophers and Their Influence Today  in Florence.  This illuminating gathering of scholars and practioners inspired me to (r)evolutionize the western hermetic tradition in the international avant-garde through public collaborative performances.

I fervently believe that if the feminine is brought into balance with the masculine, we will be able to survive the global environmental crisis.  As I immersed myself in the progression of Venus towards a powerful line up this fall (see below), I became convinced that this is the time.

My viewing of the film Another Earth was really encouraging.  I saw it under the triple conjunction and then again during the waning moon with my friend and editor Rolf Maurer.  A stunning film about the paradigm shift that truly shifts perceptions by way of a stunning projection of the earth with its lunar satellite, it picked up our dialogue surrounding Solaris, which catalyzed my return to writing about cinema.

This personal (r)evolution  has brought me back to Italy (where I am publishing this post begun before the New York blackout) to report on the Venice Film Festival for a new publication launched by Hvgo Payans Garcia, director of the New York Center for Photography and the Moving Image.  As Hvgo is the direct descendent of the founder and first Grand Master of the Knight’s Templar, the cabalist full circle seems nearly complete.

I will be writing more about Another Earth and posting Rolf’s in-depth review.  For now, I want to mention the synchronicity of my watching a film referring to the inferior/exterior conjunction of the planets while it was taking place in the sky.   The film has an engrossing narrative about female redemption.  Esoterically, it is a contemporary story about the journey to sacred marriage through the path of the dark feminine (the Black Madonna) reflecting the ancient mythology of the Descent of Inanna,  the fallen woman.   Brit Marling, the protagonist, is also the co-writer and producer.  Beautiful and brilliant without the typical obstacles of the patriarchal imposition, her film image seems to be evoking the ethereal nature of the new archetype of the feminine I have been writing about since she was born in 1985!

How wonderful that this vision of a newly arising archetype of the truly authentic and liberated feminine has come to pass!   While I could envision her spirit, I never quite imagined the profound shift in the media landscape provided by digital technology and the Internet which has overthrown the cultural gatekeepers.  Cyberspace has brought women into their power.  The next phase is to encourage women to use this power to create a new global culture in which masculine and feminine are truly equal.

This is truly the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

As for the Venus Superior Conjunction chart, the triple conjunction is in the 12th house (of film!) in  New York CIty, and making a near exact inconjunct to the Moon in Pisces (also ruling film!) and a lovely trine to the North Node in Sagittarius in the house of the family & personal myth.  Taking place just hours before my lunar return, the triple conjunction revealed my return to writing critically about the medium that is delivering the new archetype of the feminine to the collective!

Stay tuned for future developments!


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