VIRGO NEW MOON 2011: Resolution of “The Rotation Problem

source: Wikipedia

I planned on being in London during the New Moon, but due to the hurricane I was grounded in New York without power or Internet connection to post.

So, I’m posting from Logan Airport in Boston en route to London, then Venice for the Film Festival and to finally see the Venice Biennale and its attendant art exhibitions.

Viewing all those media images of Irene was synchronous with my contemplating dark energy and what science refers to as “”the galaxy rotation problem.”   Funny how science places negative labels on what it  can’t understand on an empirical level, like calling what can’t be read in DNA junk.

Rotation is NOT a problem.  It is the solution.  The unifying theory.

Aldo Tambellini understood that back in the 1960s and his BLACK ZERO multimedia exhibition opening October 1 at the Chelsea Art Museum.  Following on the heels of a group show of the NOart! movement and a solo show Boris Lurie No!, this resurrection of the sixties underground movement as Venus conjuncts the Moon and Mercury in Scorpio reveals what was hiding from the 20th century art canon — an uncompromising exploration of dark energy!  While Pop was exploiting the newly emerging divine feminine spirit, this movement was struggling to bring it into form — an effort that would require another fifty years!

It would seem to bring my blogging full circle, as I opened my previous Critical Trilogy blog that preceded this with Tambellini’s re-creation of Black Zero for Performa 2009. .  And perhaps, time to rest.

Not yet though.  Too much happening.  In film.  Even before I get to the Venice Film Festival.

Took old papers with me to read on the plane and was so delighted to read such positive New York Times reviews of Vera Farmiga’s  Higher Ground about a woman’s spiritual journey.   And also Sarah Kazemy’s Circumstance about a young woman’s underground sexual exploration in defiance of patriarchal control.

Suddenly, these stories related to the ancient Venus mythology are coming out after being repressed for so long.  I could be the bell weather for that, and my stacks of rejection letters in the 22 years I have been writing this story, again and again, so I could convince myself of its validity in this crucial shifting of the age from Pisces to Aquarius.

The Virgo New Moon in my location of New York City revealed a full on assault of the feminine power under a bold and courageous Venus in Leo on the ascendent. Yet, this entrance, however grand it may seem, precedes ever so gently, guided through the body process, with Virgo in a stupendous Grand Earth trine with Pluto in the Fifth House of fame and Jupiter in Taurus elevated in the Tenth House of reputation. All with the North Node as the Sag publicist hugging the ground between the underground mythology (Fourth House) and a sudden rise to fame (Fifth House). The same message in Uranus in Aries on the Ninth House cusp opposing Saturn in Libra in the Second House of value. It seems that the archetype has found her form...

…in Irene’s counter-clockwise wrath!


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