Autumn Equinox 2011: Balancing Change

The astounding news of the Autumn Equinox, taking place at 5:05 AM on September 23, EDT, was the neutrino traveling faster than the speed of light.

This is amazing evidence supporting the (R)evoution philosophy.  The implications regarding a quantum leap into a new paradigm are summed up in Dennis Overbye’s article in friday’s New York Times:

Even this small deviation would open up the possibility of time travel and play havoc with longstanding notions of cause and effect. Einstein himself — the author of modern physics, whose theory of relativity established the speed of light as the ultimate limit — said that if you could send a message faster than light, “You could send a telegram to the past.”

How does this knowledge impact our everyday existence?  Past, present and future take place simultaneously.  By subverting cause and effect through our present insights into our future, we alter our past and apply our expanded consciousness into …


The Autumn Equinox chart for New York City has 9 degrees Virgo rising making a lovely Grand Earth Trine with Pluto in the 4th house and Jupiter in Taurus in the 9th house of publicity.  The Sun at zero Libra makes a c congenial sextile to the Moon and Mars in early Leo, creating a yod with an apex of Neptune at 28 Aquarius.   Venus is applying to Saturn as she rises as Evening Star, thereby giving an aestethetic structure to our perceptions of proportion and balance.

With the Sun applying to an opposition to Uranus at 2 degrees Aries, we are suddenly finding ourselves BALANCING CHANGE within the aperspecitval perspective of a Paradigm Leap — the 21st century archetype of the hieros gamos arising from under the collapsed quantum wave.

The Autumn Equinox chart is telling us to be bold.  To move into a proactive stance with our interpersonal connections  (Uranus trine the Moon/Mars conjunction in the air houses) and intiate our insights into a new multidimensional reality through our creativity!


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