Libra New Moon: Revelation!

The Libra New Moon was rising on the East Coast at 7:09 AM.  Right across the East-West axis was the clear sign of change. 

Yet, it arrives with a fully self-contained aesthetic structure…Venus conjunct Saturn rising!  This is the consolidation of the hieros gamos — the six pointed star, marriage of heaven and earth, that Victoria Vesna has developed in her art process and is sourced in my art theory.

The Sun and Moon rising with Mercury just behind the 7 degree Libra Ascendent opposing Uranus in Aries nearly on the Descendent.

And this opposition making a square to Pluto close to the I.C.

This T-Square on the angles means ACTION!  The flowing trine from Uranus to the elevated Mars in Leo calls for new leadership to tackle a world in crisis.  This leadership comes from Love, the Sun joining with the Moon, in Libra, sign of the Love Goddess.

A September 18th e-mail from Hanna –“Amazing Power of Female Divine Energy is going to be revealed soon – invitation for help” told of  the divine face of the feminine manifesting in Poland, radiating through Europe. 
It is taking place through women, as decreed by the 2012 mythology intuited by my sister, Susan: the Mother-Daughter Tree of Life where the boat carrying Venus on her journey is carved.
Here is Hanna’s message:
There are so many wonderful events happening now in Poland, giving not only hope, but certainity that everything is going to be fine soon.
Last weekend we hosted European Cultural Congress. There were thousands of cultural events happening altogether in 3 days. There were meetings of Culture Ministers of European Union. There were also so many amazing public lectures and discussions led there. I was overenjoyed to hear aloud most of topics I meditated on over last years.
One of the topics concerned the issue of culture as a mean of social change. You remember our discussions in June regarding this topic?! There are so many other people in Europe who find it very critical as well. Can you imagine that Poland is the only country in Europe (world) which decided to rise budget for culture in times of global crisis.
This weekend we host European Ladies Congress (with around 7000 active participants). Most of female important issues are covered there. There is so amazing gathering of so many highly evolved souls acting in so many different environments, like arts, culture, politics, economy, education, Nongovermental organizations… That’s really an immense power. You might feel it if you concentrate on it. It takes place in capital of Poland – Warsaw. It is lovely because Poland is approximately in the center of Europe, Warsaw in the center of Poland and meeting takes place in the center of Warsaw. So the energy radiates all over the Europe…Have you got similar events in States?
We will enter the moon cycle of Female Avatars (Goddesses who decided to come and to live on Earth) coming Tuesday. Then I will go with 3 local (and global at the same time) Goddesses to couple of thousands old stone circles in Węsiory (Wesiory in English). Each stone circle has got specific energy. I believe that the most famous is Stonehenge in England. I visited that one and many other ones.
Specifically I love two different areas with many stone circles which are situated in region I live in Poland. Wesiory is one of them, where 10 years ago late summer I led yoga retreat, where we focused on ‘purification’, ‘healing’ of all both ‘material’, ‘worldly’ and ‘underground’, ‘underworld’ spiritual energy centers. I chose Wesiory as the place of retreat as they symbolise, ‘attract’ or allow deep tuning with energy of Pleiads (very often being called in esotheric teachings as the source of spiritual teachings and always were affiliated with Female Divine Sisterhood Energy). I follow my heart and only after some time of being deeply involved on what was initiated, created… I realize the deep meaning and many dimensions of past events… Only now I start to realise the immense process we started there at that time. We were just tiny parts in cosmic place as the stone circles were built and initiated by sages (both women and men) long time ago. It is amazing how we meet proper people and are attracted to proper places in proper time. I like this cosmic play of conciousness.  So, being more mature and concious now, it is time to complete the process initiated 10 years ago.

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