The First Quarter Moon hit at 11:15 PM EDT, 8:15 PM in Los angeles and 5:15 PM in Poland.

The 10 degree Capricorn Moon in tense square to the Libra Sun on Monday night, October 3, came after a flowing trine between the Moon and Jupiter, which lit the path towards the crystalization required by this spectacular lunation in the sign of Venus.

Venus, rose on September 29th as the Evening Star to complete Her cycle in Scorpio, the sign ruling both dark matter and dark energy — and therefore, 96% of the universe!

So, in making the growing darkness of the season concrete, we had news the following day of the pioneers of dark energy winning the Nobel Prize.

And in keeping with the darkness, the woman explorer who initiated the search, Vera Rubin, is being kept in the shadows.  Richard Panek, author of The 4% Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality, named Vera Rubin the discoverer of dark energy in a public conversation at the Rubin Museum.  When I went up with my book to sign at the reception and expressed my surprise at this news (I never heard of her, despite my personal research into the matter), he said she really had a challenging time being a woman discoverer in what is still a man’s field of exploration.

The same thing happened with the discovery of DNA!!!  Why does history have to keep repeating itself?  Women endure the long gestation process, the agony of delivery and then the men claim the birth for themselves!!!

This global acknowledgement of the search for dark energy taking place during a weeklong global celebration of the Great Mother!  Messages from the Priestesses, below:

On Oct 3, 2011, at 7:24 AM, Hanna Zdrojewska wrote:
Dearest Goddesses,
The big Divine Mother Victory festival culminates this Thursday October 6th. We are going to experience so much joy, love and happiness that day. I am waiting to experience many wonders that day, being the result of so many years of devotion, hard work and faith regained miraculously thousands of times, allowing me not only to survive but to progress.
Many Blessings!

 Thank you Hanna!

May All people have Happiness and the causes of Happiness
This week is the celebration of the Mother, one of the four times a year. Navarotri!
Blessed Mother, I invoke you. Be with me. Make me as you are. Teach me!
Your Being gives me great assistance! Love me. Teach me to Love as you Love.I celebrate your
thorough cultivation.
Much love,  
In her e-mail this morning, Hanna described her ascendence into the sacred marriage. 
I have never expected in my life to be faced with such an experience. I lived quite big part of my life so much rooted in scientific rational world and even not concious that I was using intuition as well. Even when the Spirit of Divine Mother entered and overshadowed me 14 years ago I had not the slightest idea of the path it would lead for. I am so full of joy and tranquility at the same time.

We can witness here how surrender to the Mother is the quickest path to cystalization — divine embodiment — of the androgynous 21st century archetype.  Predicted by Wolfgang Pauli and C.G. Jung, pioneering artists have been giving form to this icon through their materials.  When the race for dark energy began in the early 1960s, I was lured into this icon through encounter groups, a path opened by my father, a leader in the Human Potential Movement and kundalini pioneer. 


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