This Aries Full Moon finds us with the collapse of the quantum wave made visible by the Occupy Wall Street, now a nation wide movement.

I encountered the Boston faction directly under the Full Moon.  I left Aldo Tambellini’s home in Cambridge to go to his studio in Salem around midnight.  As I swung through downtown Boston following a highway detour that brought me in direct contact with tent city, bunkered down for the night. Occupy Boston received national attention for the massive arrests the day before the Full Moon…It struck me that Tent Cities are the wave of the future, which must be why I recently bought one.  As it was, I wanted to sleep outside under the full moon but found the Connecticut campgrounds closed for the season., I found a spot in the forest where I was overcome by powerful visions…

While Boston newspaper columnists are decrying the fact that a good number of Occupy Boston is composed of college students, they are missing the broader reality: the young are waking up to the costs of pairing to a middle-class American, cogs in the wheel of a plutocracy favoring the 1 percent of super rich Americans and are seeking alternative ways of co-existing on the planet.

On the East Coast, this Aries Full Moon is ruled by Cancer Rising, which puts Pluto on the descendent.  This indicates head on combat with the Plutocracy, as the elevated Uranus is in a tense square to angular Pluto.  The Full Moon opposition creates a Kite across the eleventh/fifth house reveals the the creativity of a collective grassroots movement converging with the emergence of an underground art movement oriented toward (R)evolution and containing the aesthetic (Sun/Venus/Saturn in Libra) of the 21st century icon: the hieros gamos.

Stay tuned!


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