Death and Rebirth in Cairo


With Osiris in Egypt

June 7 was a crucial date on my calendar   The date of The Transit of Venus.

When I saw that the Open Center was having a pre-condrence tour to Cairo for the 2012 Esoteric Quest to Egypt, I immediately signed up.

That very day, I plunge\\d into the Isis and Osiris myth as a path of personal death and rebirth that is the subject of a new memoir, begun at the post-conference tour in Cyprus.


A lot of synchronicities turned up along the way, indicating I was living out my own life/death/rebirth journey of Isis/Osirus in preparation of a new life in academia.

Renee and Kevin of The New World’s Fair in solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution


The facade of the Temple at Sequora




Venus at her monthly conjunction to the Crescent Moon

the star flower of Egypt


Seqquora; Temple passage from one world to another

Cairo, Egypt



Dissolving into the Pyramid interior

Pyramids at Seqquora


Passage to the Afterlife!






the kundalini serpent in the hiergphyhs











And I was lucky too.  The conference was originally planned for 2011 but didn’t take place because of the revolution and I was unable to attend last year because of my mother’s illness. Even so, turnout was much less expected due to fears of a new uprising.

These fears have caused tourism to drop 90 percent since the Revolution.  For so long, I regretted not getting to the Pyramids before the masses of tourists, and here my dream came true.  Imagine having an entire pyramid to yourself!  That is how it was for us at the pre conference tour in Cairo.

In Cairo, I befriended the author Normandi Ellis and read her book Dreams of Osiris, a beautiful book interpreting the Egyptian Book of the Dead as a manner of living in a paradigm of the life/death/rebirth cycle, which I have been seeking in art since I became a professional critic at the turn of the millennia.

This immersion into Ellis’ writing was a revelation for me.  I always had passed over Egyptian mythology to get to the historical origin of the sacred marriage, between the Tigris and Euphrates in ancient Sumer. Yet, our discussion revealed that while the ancient texts deciphered from cuneiform provide the pre-patriarchal/post-patriarchal path of death and rebirth of the feminine, they fail to relate the masculine story of death and rebirth.

When Inanna climbs her way out of the Underworld, through the portals of the monthly Moon/Venus conjunctions, she is told that she must send someone in her place.  When she returns to her kingdom and confronts her partner, Dumuzi, sitting contently on the throne without her, she immediately sends him down.  The story of Dumuzi’s escape has been translated but once he is caught,  we miss the trail of his rebirth.

While staying in the grand old Cecil Hotel in Alexandria, I dreamed of being in a bathtub and picking up what I thought was my lover’s penis but was actually a piece of shit.  Telling Normandi this dream as I sat beside her on the bus, led me into Osiris, and reading her book began to filter into my dreams and therefore the mythical path I will relate in this blog, and more fully in my memoir.

Here I share her e-mail sent in July.

Isis was Sirius and called Softhis. She pushes Osiris above the horizon and resurrects him as the constellation Orion, which we understand was connected with the ancient Egyptian New Year celebrated during the time of Leo (July 19 or so) when the Nile gushed forth fed by the monsoons then in Ethiopia and the melting ice that feed Lake Victoria to overflowing. And the exact southernmost source of the Nile was only found by German explorer Dr. Burkhart Woodpecker in 1937. It is a small bubbling spring in the hills of Burundi.

 Isis has always been connected to Sirius and the Dog Star. Even the Dagon tribes know it was a double star system. The second star they attributed to the jackal god Anubis, whom Isis raised.   So this IS her month. This is her birthday!


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