On the Trail of Dracula

City of the Hieros Gamos; Pest as viewed from Buda.

I didn’t realize, when I got the last seat on the cheap flight from Cyprus to Budapest that I would be following Dracula’s trail.

My following Dracula’s footsteps through Budapest and to Bucharest coincided with the publication of Media-N-Journal, publishing the papers from the panel I co-chaired with Mina Cheon on “Magic and Media” at the CAA Los Angeles.  My return to LA via Palm Springs prompted a full cycle return to my first review, Adam Ant published in Venice Magazine in 1994.

Mina Cheon’s introduction to “Magic & Media” CAA Los Angeles 2012

I recounted my personal Dracula experience through my Romanian father and the culture illuminated by the scholar Laurence Rickels’ insights from his illuminating book, The Vampire Lectures.  I will excerpt some of my concluding paper here in order to illuminate this journey.

Laurence Rickels, speaking on “Dark City” at “Magic & Media” , CAA Los Angeles, 2012
Yet, it made perfect sense that in the very city where I could actually experience the embodiment of the hieros games, the experience would be predicated by a confrontation with the Shadow.
An unexpected trek, resulting in a personal homage to the Shadow which stands in the way of the Sacred Marriage
How did this happen with such unplanned precision?
The first good sign that I landed in precisely the right place – where awakening led to a completely new orientation, a new manner of being, was the incredible deal on a brand new hotel, just steps from the Danube.

My favored hotel in Budapest, the brand new.  Not only did Priceline get me four star hotel room for the amazing price of 75 dollars, they gave me an upgrade to a suite.

Budapest was stunning.  I didn’t know that there are 110 springs under the city that made it a retreat for wealthy Europeans.  I only know I felt the presence of the Goddess there.

Buda Castle

To honor my 28 year underground journey under the occasion of Venus rising while conjunct the asteroid Juno at 7 degrees Gemini in my natal chart, I walked up the hill to Buda and, quite spontaneously, entered the labyrinth under the castle.

The labyrinth under the Buda Castle

Stumbling upon the Dracula trail

My destination in the underground labyrinth:                                                                     Dracula’s torture chamber under the Buda castle

Underground Imprisonment

Instruments of confinement

The power of confronting this symbol as an instrument of torture in the occult underground of the Buda castle brought me full circle through my journey to uncover the shadow through my literature and then recognize and interpret it in art — all so I wouldn’t have to make the encounter in a relationship  that would imprison me.

The yod, known as the Finger of God due to the magical experiences of its astrological trigger, was an unexpected discovery in Dracula’s torture chamber.
It was a sign that my 28 1/2 year journey (the length of the progressed lunar cycle) was ending.  I celebrated the inner marriage I experienced on the streets of Budapest with a dip into the healing waters of this magnificent city on the Danube.

The largest spa in Europe

Then, I took the night train to Romania.    I never thought I would make it because the conductor kicked me off the train about 2 hours from Budapest, after insisting I pay a 50 euro fine for not filling in the date on my Eurorail.  i took a train back to Budapest and got on the last train pulling out of the station — to Bucharest at 11:30 PM.  How thrilled I was to see the sign of my destination, the land of my ancestors.

The sign outside the train window that I arrived in the land of my father’s ancestry which I always associated with the occult.

Passing through Transylvania, I marveled on how the people still live self-sufficiently so close to nature.

I made a reservation at the Green Frog Hostel, a short walk from the station.  There Chrisitan greeted me and gave me a single room for the same price as a dorm bed.

There was external reflection of my passage to the hieros gamos on every street.

I must have come across about 12 brides posing for pictures with their gallant grooms!

Red bridesmaids really bring out the erotic in the marriage ceremony!
Rose petals left behind. Poignant.
 I took the 6 pm free tour where I was confronted with the real life frightening personage of Dracula.

Vlad, the original Dracula

The tour guide gave a graphic description of his preferred method of torture impaling.

An alter to Michael Jackson brought me full circle back to the panel, Rita Alves paper on Michael Jackson and the Horror Show.


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