(R)EVOLUTION! is a progression from a series of blogs intended to filter the icon of the 21st century into the collective by way of a personal journey of an art critic.  This journey began in 1997 with the writing of a paper “The Astrological Yod and the Archetypes of the Age of Aquarius” which was amended numerous times.  This unpublished paper presented a hypothesis — that the yod would be the “divining rod” leading to the archetypes of the Age of Aquarius based on the cosmology of January 23, 1997.  The marriage of astrology and physics were combined into a formula based on the reading of the great teacher of comparative religion, Mircea Eliade.  While the paper articulated my quest — to uncover the archetypes of the Age of Aquarius — the formula  served as a divining rod for the purpose of utilizing the mechanism of astrology (the intersection of time and space) to uncover the 21st century archetype  in art.

In October 2007, I presented the paper  “Applying the Heisenberg Principle to 21st Century Art” to the 2009 Congress of the International Association of Art Critics.  This paper revealed how I utilized the formula to uncover a grass roots movement.  The result was a new holistic art theory — the hieros gamos — which underlies all my forms of writing.

(R)EVOLUTION! is the last of a series of personal blogs intended to deliver the 21st century archetype. These blogs carried me from a personal journey (http://thealchemyoflove.blogspot.com) to curation (http://blackmadonna.wordpress.com and http://womaninthe21stcentury.wordpress.com) to shamanism (http://criticaltrilogy.wordpress.com).  This final blog brings the process to a close by serving as the intersection between the personal interpretation of astrology  and my professional interpretations of the shifting paradigm through major media.  Catalyzed into being by an international dialogue directly arising out of my blogging for Huffington Post , this blog reveals the personal foundation of a new paradigm through a shamanic approach to astrology — co-creating with the (r)evolution of the heavenly bodies.

I welcome your participation and interaction!

Lisa Paul Streitfeld

March 30, 2011


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